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Essential Oils Travelling with Kids - doTERRA On Guard, Serenity and Balance

The BEST Essential Oils for Traveling with Kids

Traveling with kids is lots of fun. They learn so much from seeing new sights, meeting new people and experiencing new things. The family memories we make while away from home are priceless too. We are all together and bond in a new and meaningful way. My family has just come home from a trip to California that was so much fun. Our family unit feels closer for having spent weeks together, just hanging out with one another and having time to enjoy each other’s company, away from our busy schedules that often get in the way.

Notwithstanding all the beautiful things we get from traveling with our kids, being out of our routines and rhythms can be challenging. Bedtimes get stretched, sleep may be disrupted, mealtimes become more flexible and our daily habits adjust and shift. This can be unsettling for us and our children. And what about a plane journey or a long trip in the car!! How will our children ever get through sitting still for hours on end? And the germs! In fact, these worries might very well be preventing us from traveling at all!  These worries might be preventing us from the happy experiences that will far out way the challenges keeping us from them. Finding natural solutions to help settle us into the joys of traveling is key to a happy and successful traveling-with-kids experience.

If you don’t already use essential oils to help you while traveling with your kids, I’m here to let you know that these little bottles of magic will change things forever! They will help you and your kids in so many positive ways. They ease the transitions, settle the emotions, help with sleep, keep germs at bay and help make things feel a little more like home. I would never set off on a trip without them!



Essential Oils Traveling with Kids - doTERRA On Guard, Serenity and Balance


This is how I use them ::

Disclaimer (I have to say this) : I am not a doctor and it is important to follow doTERRA’s safety guides when using their oils.

On Guard Oil – this is doTERRA’s protective and immune boosting blend.

I never leave home without this oil. I roll it on our feet (fun fact :: oils absorb best from the soles of the feet as they have the largest pores), I diffuse it in our hotel room and I even spray it on airplane seats and trays to neutralize lingering germs. It keeps our bodies healthy and boosts our immune systems so that if we do come into contact with nasty little organisms, our own bodies are strong enough to overcome them easily. It’s hard to have a good time away from home if we, or our little ones, have the sniffles or are sick and On Guard helps us stay fit and healthy.

Another fun fact : On Guard contains Clove Oil. Clove Oil is super high in antioxidants. On the ORAC scale that measures antioxidant capacity, blueberries have a measurement of 9 000 units. Clove has a measurement of 300 000 units! Clove is 30 times more antioxidant rich than blueberries.


Essential Oils Traveling with Kids - doTERRA On Guard


Lavender Oil

Lavender reduce anxiety and emotional stress and promotes a feeling of calm for all of us. Boy… do we use a lot of lavender when we are on the road. It definitely helps to even out our emotions and ward off those out-of-our-comfort-zone eruptions.

When I can tell that the kids are getting anxious and feeling are starting to get a little out of control, I rub some Lavender onto their necks and their feet. It calms them within minutes. But it’s not only for the kids… I use it too when I feel the discomfort of anxiety creeping in.

We diffuse Lavender in our room at night and it definitely helps us all get a good night’s sleep, even though we do miss sleeping in our own beds.

Lavender is great to have around for little mishaps too… it soothes cuts and scrapes, sunburn, a rash and even helps to take the hurt out of a bee sting.


Serenity and Balance Oil – doTERRA’s restful and grounding blends

I never leave these two oils behind either… they are lifesavers when traveling with children. I put Balance on our feet in the mornings to keep us grounded and calm even though our routines are all over the place. Serenity goes in the diffusers at night to help us get over jet lag fast and keep us having restful sleep throughout our trip.


Essential Oils Traveling with Kids - doTERRA Serenity


Melaleuca (Tea Tree) Oil

Melaleuca is a handy little oil that I keep in my purse. When the airplane is about to take off, I rub a little (diluted with carrier oil) around our ears and onto our earlobes and it helps our ears adjust to the cabin air pressure changes. A few times on flights, a nearby baby has had painful ear pressure challenges and a little shared Melaleuca has never failed to help ease the discomfort.

It also has strong antimicrobial properties and we dab a little Melaleuca onto any skin wounds to help keep infections at bay.


DigestZen – doTERRA’s digestive blend.

This oil is for sore tummies, indigestion, bloating and any other digestive issue we so frequently get while traveling. The food we eat while on the road is often different from the food our bodies are used to and so digestive challenges always arise. Rubbing a little DigestZen onto our tummies when they are feeling sore or bloated or drinking a drop with a glass of water really helps us while on the go.

One of my children suffers from carsickness and DigestZen has been a lifesaver for him! No more nausea and ‘oopsing’ in the car.


Essential Oils Traveling with Kids - doTERRA DigestZen


Breathe – doTERRA’s respiratory blend

I take this oil on trips in case of seasonal threats and breathing difficulties. It is a blend of all the oils that work with the sinuses and respiratory system to open up airways and reduce congestion. If we are feeling a little stuffy, I diffuse Breathe in our rooms at night. It’s also a good oil to have on the plane as the air conditioned atmosphere can make our noses and throats feel dry and uncomfortable… rubbing a little breath under our noses always helps.


Essential Oils Traveling with Kids - doTERRA Breathe



Because you can never leave Frankincense out of anything, ever! It’s the King Of Oils and should go wherever we go. We rub a drop of Frankincense onto our feet daily for general well being, rejuvenation and cell repair. I add a drop to my skincare products morning and night for skin health and hydration. Frankincense also has powerful antimicrobial properties and can be used to disinfect skin wounds and aids in speedy healing.


It’s so empowering to have these little bottles of magic to help while we are on the road. They benefit us in so many ways. Traveling with kids is super rewarding but can be stressful too… why not employ these natural tools to help make our trips and vacations as wonderful as possible.

As you can tell, I’m passionate about the benefits of essential oils and would love to help you get started on your oil journey. If you are ready to give them a try get in touch and we can discuss your options :: email me at donni@theMagicOnions.com

You can also visit my Essential Oils Page for more info on how we use essential oils in our home.



The Best Essential Oils for Traveling With Kids - doTERRA

Here’s to happy, safe and sweet-smelling travels.

Blessings and magic,



Velvet Pumpkin DIY Tutorial

Velvet Material Pumpkins :: DIY Thanksgiving Crafting Tutorial

We’ve been making velvet pumpkins to get us into the Thanksgiving spirit. We add a few drops of On Guard essential oil to the rice inside and now our home smells so so so yummy!

They are really very quick and easy to make, just a few simple steps…



You can also follow the full diy picture tutorial here.

Happy fall crafting,

Blessings and magic,



Velvet Pumpkin DIY Tutorial

Velvet Pumpkins :: DIY Tutorial

I’ve admired velvet pumpkins for years. There is something so awesomely luxurious about them. I love velvet. It makes me remember my grandmother… or rather, her formal sitting room… the one children were forbidden (unless on vary rare special occasions) to enter. It had plush velvet couches that a child could draw on simply by running a little finger along the fabric… like magic! No wonder velvet holds such fascination to me… still to this day!

So, I was super when a friend suggested we make our own velvet pumpkins. Being a novice at sewing, I was relieved to discover that not much sewing is needed. Velvet pumpkins are, in fact, quite easy to make!

Give them a try… you’ll love it.

Velvet Pumpkin

Velvet Pumpkin DIY Tutorial


Materials :

  • velvet material
  • rice
  • wool fiber filler
  • 1/2 cup of rice
  • On Guard essential oil
  • needle and thread
  • brown wire
  • green felt leaf
  • scissors
  • marker
  • pot lid

** optional ** I added a few drops of On Guard essential oil and now my pumpkins fill the room with such a wonderfully spicy aroma. It’s autumn in our house for sure!


Velvet Pumpkin DIY Tutorial


Method :

Put the velvet (velvet side down) on a flat surface like a tabletop or the floor.

Cut out a circle with scissors. The circle size will determine the size of your pumpkin. Make things easy by finding something in your home that is the right circular size to use as a stencil. I used the lid from my largest pot. Mark around the outside of the stencil with a marker. As your fabric is velvet side down, you will not be able to see the marker on your finished pumpkin.

Make your pumpkin any size you wish. Small pumpkins are adorable but larger ones are cool too. Making many pumpkins in various colors and sizes looks wonderful.


Velvet Pumpkin DIY Tutorial Velvet Pumpkin DIY Tutorial Velvet Pumpkin DIY Tutorial


With needle and thread, sew a simple straight catch stitch around the outside of your fabric, leaving a length thread on either side.


Velvet Pumpkin DIY Tutorial


When you gently pull the thread tails at the same time, your fabric will gather and close. Pull these threads until a small pouch has formed.


Velvet Pumpkin DIY Tutorial


Fill your pumpkin with rice and a essential oil or a little cinnamon if you wish to add the scent of fall to your creation.


Velvet Pumpkin DIY Tutorial

Velvet Pumpkin DIY Tutorial



Fill the rest of the pumpkin with wool or other fiber filling.


Velvet Pumpkin DIY Tutorial


When the pumpkin is nice and plump, close it firmly by pulling on the thread tails until the mouth of the pumpkin closes. If you think the pumpkin could be a little plumper, add more wool to it by loosening the mouth, adding more fiber and puling it closed again.

Tie the two thread tails together in a simple double knot. Trim the thread.


Velvet Pumpkin DIY Tutorial


To give your pumpkin an indent, cinch the middle by passing the thread through the middle of the pumpkin, looping it and threading it back through the middle again. Tie the thread tight, cinching the pumpkin in the middle for that lovely ‘pumpkin’ shape.


Velvet Pumpkin DIY Tutorial


Velvet Pumpkin DIY Tutorial


Cut the stick stalk into about an inch and insert it into the mouth of the pumpkin.


Velvet Pumpkin DIY Tutorial


Make the curled spirals of pumpkin vine by winding brown wire around a stick. Pull off the twirly brown wire carefully so that the curls remain in the wire. To elongate the twirls a little, pull gently on each end of the wire. Insert the twirls of vine into the mouth of the pumpkin.


Velvet Pumpkin DIY Tutorial


Velvet Pumpkin DIY Tutorial


Stick a green felt leaf (or paper if you don’t have felt) onto the stalk of the pumpkin.


Velvet Pumpkin DIY Tutorial

Velvet Pumpkin DIY Tutorial


Each pumpkin should take you about 10 minutes to make so there’s plenty of time for you to make a whole barrow full!


Velvet Pumpkin DIY Tutorial

Here’s a quick cheat-sheet if you want to Pin this project for later or share it with your friends.


Velvet Pumpkin DIY Tutorial

Happy Fall crafting,

Blessings and magic,








How To Make Cashmere Heart Hand Warmers Tutorial : www.theMagicOnions.com

How To Make Immune Boosting Cashmere Heart Hand Warmers

Teddy and his friends play out in the snow for hours each day. When they come inside at last, when the sun is setting and the night is creeping in, they all have rosy cheeks and frozen hands that they need to warm up, pronto.  I have a little trick to help them.

Together, we made sweet heart hand warmers out of an old cashmere sweater that had a little moth damage.

The hearts are filled with wheat berries and essential oil. We pop them in the microwave for a minute or so and they become the perfect little things for warming chilly fingers, fast.


How To Make Cashmere Heart Hand Warmers Tutorial : www.theMagicOnions.com


These cashmere heart hand warmers are super easy to make and a wonderful Valentine’s craft for you and your little Valentines to enjoy together.


Materials Needed to Make a Cashmere Heart Hand Warmer :

– A cashmere sweater, ready for recycling (thrift stores are a good place to find them)

– Wheat berries (from grocery stores, craft stores or pet shops)

– Needle & thread

– Pencil & paper

– Sharp scissors


Here’s How To Make Cashmere Heart Hand Warmers :

Tip :: Here is an easy cheat-sheet for you to pin to Pinterest so that you can find this tutorial later when you are looking for it. Trust me… half my time is spent looking for tutorials on Pinterest!


How To Make Cashmere Heart Hand Warmers Tutorial : www.theMagicOnions.com


First, we felt the cashmere sweater by popping it into the washing machine. Add detergent and wash it on the HOT cycle. The detergent and HOT water will shrink the cashmere, weaving the fibers tightly together and making the cashmere easy to work, sew and craft with and making sure the yarn doesn’t unravel when cut.

After washing it, put the cashmere sweater into the dryer on the HOTTEST setting you have. This hot drying cycle will felt the cashmere fibers even more.

Draw a heart shape on a piece of paper. Draw your heart about 4 inches in diameter… just the right size to warm a little fingers.

Cut out your paper heart with sharp scissors.

Pin the heart onto the recently felted sweater with a needle. Use this paper heart as a stencil to cut a few heart shapes from the wool.

Each hand warmer will need two cashmere heart shapes that you will sew together.

TIP :: If you feel up to the challenge, I will share a shortcut I devised to speed this stage up a little (I had a long list little boys who requested heart hand warmers!). I drew and cut out half a heart from the paper and then folded the cashmere in half too, pinning the heart to the center fold in the cashmere. I cut around the heart on the doubled up felt, leaving the centerfold intact, so that when I un-pinned it and opened it up, I had a beautiful cashmere heart.


How To Make Cashmere Heart Hand Warmers Tutorial : www.theMagicOnions.comHow To Make Cashmere Heart Hand Warmers Tutorial : www.theMagicOnions.com How To Make Cashmere Heart Hand Warmers Tutorial : www.theMagicOnions.com


Put two cashmere hearts on top of each other. Sew them together around the outside with a simple embroidery stitch, leaving about half an inch open at the base of the heart that we will use to fill with wheat berries. Please don’t get too worked up about the neatness of your sewing… as long as your stitches are even, your edges will look perfect when your heart hand warmers are done.

Tip :: Do not cut the thread short… leave a good amount of thread loose that you can use for closing the heart’s opening later.


How To Make Cashmere Heart Hand Warmers Tutorial : www.theMagicOnions.com


Slowly and with care, turn the heart inside out by pushing the top of the heart through the un-sewed opening you left for the wheat berries.

Look at your edges now. They are neat and tidy and look like they have been perfectly sewn. Ha! Well done!

Fill the heart with wheat berries.

Tip :: For added yumminess, put a few drops of your favorite essential oil onto the wheat berries before putting them into the hearts. This will ensure that yours will be the best smelling cashmere hand warmer hearts in town! In my home, our oil of the moment is On Guard… a protective blend that is an immune booster and has so far kept me and my little ones flu free this whole winter long. Did you know that I’m a doTerra Wellness Advocate? If you want to chat with me about how oils can help your family, please don’t hesitate to contact me. If you want to simply buy an essential oil (like On Guard) or find out more about why I love doTerra oils, I have a whole PAGE full of oil information.


How To Make doTerra Cashmere Heart Hand Warmers Tutorial : www.theMagicOnions.com


Stuff your cashmere heart well, using your forefinger to gently push the wheat berries into the heart. The plumper you can get your heart, the better it will look and feel to those cold little hands.


How To Make Cashmere Heart Hand Warmers Tutorial : www.theMagicOnions.comHow To Make Cashmere Heart Hand Warmers Tutorial : www.theMagicOnions.com


With the cashmere heart stuffed with wheat berries, sew the opening closed using the loose thread you left earlier.

Voila! The best smelling, most immune boosting, cashmere heart hand warmers in the world.


How To Make Cashmere Heart Hand Warmers Tutorial : www.theMagicOnions.com


Now, when Teddy and the boys come in from playing in the snow, I have these hand warmers warm and ready, waiting for frozen little fingers to warm.

The boys have even taken to warming them up and stuffing them into their pockets to warm their hands on the go.


How To Make Cashmere Heart Hand Warmers Tutorial : www.theMagicOnions.com


Your little ones will be glad for this fun and loving Valentines Day craft.

Blessings and magic,