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Portraits of Life in the Sunny House

A few mornings ago, I found Teddy sitting on the comfy couch in my room, playing “Kind Hearts in the Garden” on his recorder. The morning sun was streaming in through the window and kissing him. His shadow danced and played on the wall behind him. It looked and sounded so beautiful and touched myIf you want to read more…click here

Sending Love to Christchurch.

Today, I want to send special love to earthquake-stricken Christchurch in New Zealand. Living in California, we have experienced our share of earthquakes too. Thankfully (touch wood), no big ones but, I tell you, even the little ones are scary. My heart goes out to all the children who were scared. Here is the storyIf you want to read more…click here

Making Cute Garden Markers.

With Earth Day coming up and Spring in full swing, we decided to turn our attention to our garden. We had a glorious weekend planting herbs, tomatoes and strawberries. I love watching my little gardeners busy at work in the dirt. We had 9 strawberry plants last year but alas, it wasn’t enough for myIf you want to read more…click here