Planting Mini Pansies in Egg Shells for Easter Decorations

Planting Mini Pansies in Egg Shells for Easter :

We visited our local garden shop yesterday to buy strawberry plants to plant in the cinder-block holes of my new ‘bunny-proof’ vegetable garden. Before I left home, I voiced my intention NOT TO BUY ANYTHING BUT STRAWBERRY PLANTS to my Good Man (I’m a well-known impulse plant buyer and hoped that if I committed to […]

Happy Easter

Happy Easter, Magic Friends! Look whose coming to our Easter party… it’s Baby BunBuns! Although he lives free in the back yard, he does spend a lot of his time in the house. He has a favorite spot where he reclines happily on the rug and watches the bustle go on around him. He continues […]

Wool Easter Eggs

I’m not a fan of the little hollow plastic Easter eggs everyone seems to go mad for. In fact I can’t stand them! They are all… um… plastic! Yuck! They are usually garish colors and hard and cold to the touch…  not warm and fuzzy like all things Easter are supposed to be. And the […]

Our Best Easter Egg Crafts

Here are 12 of our best Easter Egg crafts all in one place… Dyeing Eggs with Natural Plant Dyes   Decorate Eggs with Pressed Flowers Dye Eggs using Silk Scarves Make Egg Candles using Eggshells Decorate Eggs with Stickers Dye Eggs with Pretty Designs Paint Eggs with Watercolor Paints   Dye Eggs with Dad’s Silk […]

Easter at Fairyfolk

Hi Magic Friends, Did you know that Easter is early this year… March 31st… exactly 4 weeks from today! If you’re looking for special Easter goodies, look no further than my sweet shop, Fairyfolk :-) Here are a few of the gorgeous felted treasures you’ll find there : 1. Easter Bunnies in Felted Easter Eggs […]

New Needle Felted Easter Treats at Fairyfolk

Needle Felted Chick :

Fairyfolk is full of new needle felted Easter goodies. I had a little helper in the form of my beautiful Teddy in the photo studio today. It was such fun working with him… his quirky joy infused our photos and made everything look even more beautiful than ever… even if half the time he was […]

Happy Easter

Happy Easter, beautiful people :-) Blessings and magic,Donni

Easy Easter Egg Dyeing

With the arrival of Spring last week, we celebrated with a little BBQ with friends on Sunday. Our hard boiled eggs needed a bit of dressing up to get in a festive mood. To color the shells blue, we used some blue food coloring. To make the white lines in the blue, we wrapped some […]

Dyeing Easter Eggs With Neck Tie Silk

  We dye some eggs like this every Easter and it is always such an excitement to see how they are going to turn out. First, we visit a thrift store and stock up on a number of bright and colorful silk neck ties (they usually only cost us a dollar or two). They need […]

Easter Finds.

I love all of my sponsors! I sometimes find myself browsing through their beautiful shops, amazed at the beauty and creativity I find there. There is something for everyone… toys, silks, kits, crafting supplies, jewelry… so please my friends, if you are in need of something special, pop on over to their buttons in the […]