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Halloween Witches : Needle Felted Dolls : The Magic Onions Shop

Halloween Giveaway : Pumpkin Witches!

Look who just flew into the shop! Two of the plumpest Halloween witches.

They flew in on their little rustic broomsticks and are giggling naughtily. I’m sure they are up to some mischief in there!

So… I’m wanting to test something in my Etsy shop and I’m hoping you’ll help me. To thank you, I’ve decided to hold a Halloween GIVEAWAY!

YES, you’ll have a chance of winning a witch of your choice PLUS autumn acorns and a little moss.


Halloween Pumpkin Witch, Needle Felted : The Magic Onions Shop


To enter the giveaway, I’d like you to visit my Etsy shop and do two things…

1. ‘favorite’ my shop.

2. ‘favorite’ the little witch.

Click to enter my shop HERE (or by clicking the photo below) and follow these two easy steps…

This shouldn’t take you longer than a few moments.


Halloween Pumpkin Witch : Needle Felted Doll : The Magic Onions Shop

1. click on the heart to favorite my shop.

2. click on the heart to favorite the witch.

Come back here and leave a comment… Voila, you have entered.

A winner will be chosen on Sunday evening. This GIVEAWAY is open to everyone, everywhere.

Here are some more photos of the Halloween witches…

Halloween Pumpkin Witch, Needle Felted : The Magic Onions Shop

Halloween Pumpkin Witch, Needle Felted : The Magic Onions Shop

Halloween Pumpkin Witch, Needle Felted : The Magic Onions Shop

Halloween Pumpkin Witch, Needle Felted : The Magic Onions Shop

Halloween Pumpkin Witch, Needle Felted : The Magic Onions Shop

Halloween Pumpkin Witch, Needle Felted : The Magic Onions Shop

Halloween Pumpkin Witch, Needle Felted : The Magic Onions Shop


If you win… keep her for yourself or let the Pumpkin Fairy leave her for your lucky little one in exchange for all the candy s/he has collected on Halloween night.

Thank you for your continued support… you really are the best!.

Giveaway has been won by Jessimer who said ‘

Donni, these are the cutest little witches I ever did see. I just found your website and so far have lost myself in your inspirational posts and crafts. Still new to Waldorf, my eyes are bigger than saucers, beaming with the endless creativity and learning that there is to be had!

Thank you for sharing these plump, festive darlings with us. Your shop is beautiful and I look forward to following you on your creative adventures.

Thanks all for playing along :-)

Good luck too.

Blessings and magic,


Needle Felted Owl Wedding Cake Topper : Fairyfolk Weddings : www.fairyfolkweddings.etsy.com

Fairyfolk Weddings

Did you know that I make wedding decorations?

I have an Etsy shop called Fairyfolk Weddings.

There’s something so utterly magical knowing that this-little-thing-I-am-making is going to be a part of someones most special of days. I can’t help but flood extra love into something that a bride, or flower girl, is going to be holding as she walks down the isle.

It’s such an honor.

And thinking up new wedding creations is one of my favorite things to do. I have the best job on earth, don’t I!

Here are just a few of the whimsical wedding goodies I make…


Butterfly and Silk Flower Bridal Bouquet : Fairyfolk Weddings : www.fairyfolkweddings.etsy.comColorful Craspdeia Felted Flower Bridal Bouquet : Fairyfolk Weddings : www.fairyfolkweddings.etsy.comButterfly Bridal Bouquet : Fairyfolk Weddings : www.fairyfolkweddings.etsy.com


Felt Billy Button Grooms Boutonnieres : Fairyfolk Weddings : www.fairyfolkweddings.etsy.comWheat and Feather Grooms Boutonnieres : Fairyfolk Weddings : www.fairyfolkweddings.etsy.comFelt Billy Button and Feather Grooms Boutonnieres : Fairyfolk Weddings : www.fairyfolkweddings.etsy.com



Needle Felted Owl Wedding Cake Toppers : Fairyfolk Weddings : www.fairyfolkweddings.etsy.com

Needle Felted Squirrel Wedding Cake Toppers : Fairyfolk Weddings : www.fairyfolkweddings.etsy.comBride and Groom Deer Wedding Cake Toppers : Fairyfolk Weddings : www.fairyfolkweddings.etsy.com


Robins Nest Escort Cards : Fairyfolk Weddings : www.fairyfolkweddings.etsy.comVintage Key Wedding Escort Cards : Fairyfolk Weddings : www.fairyfolkweddings.etsy.comButterfly Wedding Escort Cards : Fairyfolk Weddings : www.fairyfolkweddings.etsy.com



I also make Bridesmaids and Flower Girl accessories, Wedding Table Decorations, Wedding Garlands, Wedding Ring Pillows, Wedding Favors.

And, I LOVE custom orders.

So, if you know anyone who is getting married soon, please let them know about Fairyfolk Weddings.


Blessings and magic,


Easter at Fairyfolk

Hi Magic Friends,

Did you know that Easter is early this year… March 31st… exactly 4 weeks from today!

If you’re looking for special Easter goodies, look no further than my sweet shop, Fairyfolk :-)

Here are a few of the gorgeous felted treasures you’ll find there :

1. Easter Bunnies in Felted Easter Eggs $35 each   2. Felted Robins Nest $15     3. Easter Chick Ornament $18     4. Easter Egg Ornaments $15 for 3     5. Easter Bunny Necklace $20     6 Hollow Wool Easter Eggs $13 each

There is so much more in the shop to choose from, click the button below to browse…

Blessings and magic,


Needle Felted Chick : www.theMagicOnions.com/shop

New Needle Felted Easter Treats at Fairyfolk

Fairyfolk is full of new needle felted Easter goodies. I had a little helper in the form of my beautiful Teddy in the photo studio today. It was such fun working with him… his quirky joy infused our photos and made everything look even more beautiful than ever… even if half the time he was trying to shoot my photo subjects with a hairband before I got the shot… ha ha!

What do you think of FAIRYFOLK‘S new Easter treats?




Everything here, and so much more, is available in my shop, FAIRYFOLK. Click on over to browse of all my EASTER Goodies.

Blessings and magic,


Spring Crafting

In Southern California, our two weeks of winter seem to be over. The frost is gone, the days are warm and sunny and Spring is definitely breathing her magic on our plants and trees. It’s always exciting to welcome a new season!

And, to rediscover all the fun things a new season brings.

Here are some Spring inspired crafting kits I have for purchase in my Fairyfolk shop to get you in the Spring crafting mood. They are all suitable for beginner needle felters.

Here is a FELTED ACORN KIT in the lovely bright greens of Spring…

How about making your little one a cute owl for Easter? This super easy and fun FELTED OWL KIT is just for you.


Here is the sweetest SPRING NEST KIT. You are sure to have heaps of fun making this Spring ornament with your little one.

Happy Spring crafting.


Blessings and magic,


Fairyfolk Sale :: Black Friday and Cyber Monday Weekend

Great news, Fairyfolk Friends… we are having a huge SALE in the shop for Black Friday through Cyber Monday. 10% off your entire order!! Starting NOW!! So, if you are thinking about shopping at FAIRYFOLK this holiday season, this weekend is a good time to do start!

To get your 10% off, add the code MAGIC at Etsy checkout (you’ll see a ‘coupon box’ on your checkout page for this code) Etsy will automatically recalculate your total to reflect the 10% discount.

I’ve have added many super-cute Christmas goodies over the past couple of weeks… click HERE to take a peek!

Here’s a collection of magical Christmas ornaments I wanted to show you … there are many others available in the shop too, so do have a browse.

Needle Felted Cardinal perched on a branch
Felt Christmas Garland
Felted Acorn Christmas Ornaments
Robins Eggs in a Vine Nest Ornaments
Felt Mistletoe for Christmas Kisses
Felt and Pinecone Christmas Tree
Needle Felted Butterfly Ornamet
Needle Felted Owl Ornament
Felt Toadstool Christmas Ornaments

I have also been working hared on adding new toys and other magical treasures for the Christmas season … CLICK HERE to see them all.

This sale starts NOW!! Remember to add the code MAGIC at checkout to redeem your 10% discount. And, tell you friends all about it too!

 Happy Thanksgiving.

Blessings and magic,


Needle Felted Pumpkin Mouse : www.theMagicOnions.com/shop/

Pumpkin Mice and Butternut Bunnies

There are new little critters in the shop this week… pumpkin mice and butternut bunnies!

In the past, my mice and bunnies have always been white. Then the other day, Teddy asked why he can’t have a brown mouse? “Hmmmm,” I thought… “You can!”

I had great fun experimenting with the best colors for these new little guys.

So, Magic Friends… here is the new range in bunnies and mice, just in time for Halloween and Thanksgiving fun!

Needle Felted Pumpkin Mouse : www.theMagicOnions.com/shop/




And some cute little bunny buts…

All of these mice and bunnies are available in my shop, Fairyfolk. The have been needle felted and wet felted to be sturdy and robust, suitable for all kinds of play and made to last. Kitty has had her little bunny for 3 years and she’s still as beautiful as the day she hopped into our home. You can see her here in this photo I recently took of Kitty’s new room…

So, if you little Loved-One is in need of a friend this Fall… these bunnies and mice are looking for good homes.

There are lots of other nature and Waldorf inspired toys in my Fairyfolk shop, so pop on over for a look.

Blessings and magic,


Nature Inspired Jewelry

I have been working on growing my jewelry line in my shop. I love to wear jewelry that looks like it come from Mother Nature herself and know that there are so many of us out there who like nothing more than making a necklace out of that pretty shell our little one has picked up on the beach or finding a way to turn other ‘nature bits’ into something we can wear with pride. It’s so much fun making little nature-inspired treasures!

I have lovely felted acorn necklaces in lots of new Fall-inspired colors available in Fairyfolk.

It hasn’t started happening here in Southern California yet, but it is such a favorite of mine to slowly watch the Fall colors creeping into nature… the splashes of oranges and reds, the yellows and rusty browns… the rich earthy colors that sing Autumn’s song.

These necklaces are made with real acorn caps that my children and I gather from the oak trees in late Autumn. The colorful acorn part is made from wool that I wet felt into tight little acorns.

The ball chain and leaves have a wonderfully rich and earthy antiqued copper finish.

Pretty little pieces of jewelry that look like they are a gift from the fairies!

All these necklaces are available in my shop, Fairyfolk. I also love custom orders, so if you would like a necklace in a different color, just send me an email and I’ll make it up especially for you.

Come on Autumn… I’m waiting for you!

Blessings and magic,

Fairy News

Hi Friends,

I found this site with lots of amazing fairy ideas.

And, if you want a chance to win your choice of one of my Flower Fairy necklaces (look here to see them all), head on over to my Facebook Page and answer the contest question. Contest is open to all. Here’s the link to the page (and, while you are there, you can ‘like’ it too :-) – The Magic Onions Facebook Page. A new contest will be announced each Monday, so, if you are a fan, you’ll get the contest alerts as soon as they go up.

I have made these sweet little magical pendants using original photos from my photography shop, Dovie Moon. Each one depicts a Flower Fairy scene and is sure to enchant young and old alike.

Blessings and magic,

Easter SALE at Fairyfolk

Fairyfolk is having an Easter SALE, exclusive for my precious readers. If you use the coupon code EasterOnions at Etsy checkout, your total will be recalculated to give you a 15% discount on your entire order. This weekend only, Friends, so don’t leave it too long :-) And this discount isn’t only for Easter goodies, so if you have been wanting a Fairyfolk treasure, now is the time to splash out and save!

Here is a small sampling of the EASTER GOODIES you will find at Fairyfolk…

Needle Felted Easter Bunnies in colorful woolen eggs.
 Easter Candy will be eaten up but this little guy will be a friend forever.
Hollow Wool Eggs for a NO-Plastic Easter

Click on this link to see all that is available in Fairyfolk.

Remember to add the code EasterOnions in the coupon box at Etsy Checkout for your discount to take effect.

Happy Easter shopping!

Blessings and magic,