Handmade Gifts for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is in 3 weeks. Just enough time for you and the kids to make him something fun!

Here are some wonderful ideas :



1. Super Cool Dino Planter

2. Rainbow Dream Catcher

3. Watercolor Photo Frame

4. Kid-Friendly Chocolate Cake

5. Felted Soap on a Rope

6. Lucky Key Dish


Make Dad feel really loved this Father’s Day. And, be sure not to miss the sparkle of accomplishment you seen in your little one’s eyes as he watches his dad unwrap the gift he made.

Blessings and magic,


Happy Father’s Day

Here’s to all the amazing dads out there.

May you have a very happy Father’s Day!

And, especially, here’s to OUR Dad.

You are our champion. Our fighter of dragons.

You are our beacon in the night and our shady tree in the day.

You look after us. You protect us. You fight for us… daily.

You are so much fun. You make us laugh. We sometimes cry we laugh so much.

You teach us wisely.

You challenge us to range free. And you reign us in when we need to feel your strong arms holding us tight.

But, best of all, you let us know that we are your moon and sun and stars.

You choose us, repeatedly, and this makes us feel like the luckiest family on earth.

We love you, Our Dad. We love you with all our hearts.


You help me with everything. You are at my side, every step of the way. Even helping me in my booth at the Patchwork Craft Fair

Kitty, Teddy and Dad – in ‘the little blue truck’ which was our first car when we arrived in the USA in 2001… you still drive it today, 13 years later.

You built our beautiful house with your own beautiful hands… every piece of wood, every door, every window. It’s magnificent.

You are the strongest man we know. You have carried us on your shoulders more times than we can ever count.

You do crazy things with us… things that make us laugh and scream ‘Do it again, Dad!’.


When we are scared, you encourage us… you even go first to show us how much fun it will be.

You take us to such wonderful places… like Yellowstone National Park in 2013

You teach us so much.

You make us feel loved.

You make us feel safe.

Everything is more beautiful when you are close.

Happy Father’s Day to a wonderful man. We love you SO much.

Thank you for being on this magical journey with me. How lucky we are to be partners in this beautiful, messy, loving life.

You are, and will always be, my Good Man.

Blessings and magic,



What Makes a Dad

God took the strength of a mountain,
The majesty of a tree,
The warmth of a summer sun,
The calm of a quiet sea,
The generous soul of nature,
The comforting arm of night,
The wisdom of the ages,
The power of the eagle’s flight,
The joy of a morning in spring,
The faith of a mustard seed,
The patience of eternity,
The depth of a family need,
Then God combined these qualities,
When there was nothing more to add,
He knew His masterpiece was complete,
And so,

He called it … Dad

Happy Father’s Day to all our magical dads.
Blessings and magic,

Dinosaur Planter For Dad :: A Handmade Father’s Day Gift

With Father’s Day fast approaching, Teddy and I made our Good Man a cute Father’s Day Gift. It’s important to me that my children grow up knowing that the things they make with their own hands are the most precious things of all.We thought of many things our dad would love but it was when we suggested a dinosaur planter for Dad’s desk that Teddy became really excited… so, this is what we made.

Chances are you have hundreds of old dinosaurs lying around. To be totally honest (photo’s don’t lie), Teddy was rather reluctant to offer up one of his dinosaurs for our craft. It took a great deal of coaxing and sweet talking to get him to agree… but, at last, he chose a large dinosaur that was somewhat soft and rubbery.

And then we performed a little surgery on him with a sharp box cutter.

Making a nice round hole in his hollow body.

Now for the fun part… we used silver spray-paint to spray him silver!

Even I started to like him now that he became a gorgeous shiny silver!

Once the silver spray-paint had fully dried, we filled his body with moist soil.

Teddy planted a nice big succulent plant in the soil of his dino. We chose a succulent as we know how busy A Good Man gets and we have a fair suspicion that his dino plant will receive sparse waterings… no worries, succulents thrive with a little neglect :-)

He watered his dino plant to clean it off.

And was VERY proud of the gift he has made for his dad. In fact, he is going to give it to Dad but ask him if his dino planter can live in Teddy’s room.

Have you been crafting sweet gifts for Father’s Day? Link to them in the comment section so that we all can see.

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Blessings and magic,

Make a Hold-All for Dad.

On with our handmade Father’s Day. What is more special than a little gift, made by the hands of his own sweet child?
We had another episode this morning. I’m sure it happens in your house too… A Good Man was trying to take the children out to breakfast to let Mommy have a little ‘alone time’ when, alas, he couldn’t find his keys. We searched… under cushions, in pockets, next to toilets… 30 minutes later (30 minutes eaten into Mom’s ‘alone time) we found them, on top of the fridge!
So, after my lovely ‘alone time’, when A Good Man had gone for his daily run, the kids and I, and K’s little God-sister, J, made our dads a special key-bowl for him to always keep his keys in.
waldorf inspired, nature inspired key bowl for our handmade fathers day

We needed:

small balloons
tissue paper
a bowl with a plastic bag inside it (for easy glue cleanup)
a permanent marker
and flat leaves from the garden (we used clovers as J insisted we needed ‘man’ flowers for her daddy)

We blew up the balloons.

With the permanent marker, we drew a circle around the balloons for where the top of our bowl would be.

We tore the tissue paper into small squares.
We filled the plastic-bag-covered bowl with glue and mixed in a little water until it was the consistency of light cream.
We put our hands in the delightfully slimy glue…
And finger painted our balloons with glue below the mark we had made.
We then pasted the strips of tissue paper onto the balloon. After the bottom of the balloon was covered in tissue paper, we pasted on a second layer by dipping the tissue paper into the glue so that it would stick nicely.
Then we carefully stuck on our clover leaves.
A last layer of tissue paper over our clover leaves to hold them in place and our balloons were put, upside down, into paper cups to allow our bowls to dry in the sun.
When they were dried we popped the balloons with a pin and our gorgeous bowl kept their shapes. I can never capture this step on film as my kids are too eager to wait for me to get a clear shot… this is always their favorite part of our ‘balloon’ projects.
With scissors, we trimmed the edges of our bowl so that they look neat…

And, Voila!, our key hold-alls are ready for the big excitement of giving them to Dad.

I hope he uses this gift ALWAYS!
Blessings and magic,

Make a Rainbow Frame for Father’s Day.

Warning to our Daddy – DONT read this!
To everyone else, are you getting ready for Father’s Day? It’s just around the corner you know.
We are making all sorts of handmade gifts for our daddy. Here is the Rainbow Picture Frame we made for him today.
It’s very pretty, so softly colorful. This is how we made it:
We bought an unfinished wooden frame from Michaels for a dollar and soaked it in water for a few minutes.

When we took it out of the water, we wiped it gently with a sponge, leaving it damp. Then we painted it with our watercolor paints.

We made sure that our watercolor paints were as thick as we could get them and then painted it in stages of colors. A red blob first. Then, with a paper towel, I wiped the red paint off, leaving a gentle, whitewashed, red section on the frame. Then a green blob was painted – wiped off again and blended into the red. Then blue. It was wonderful to see what other colors we could make when two colors blended together… purple and orange magically appeared.

After our frame had dried in the sun, we selected one of our favorite photos, cut it to size and put it in our rainbow frame.
Daddy will be so happy to received this handmade treasure from his little ducklings.
Blessings and magic,