Easy Knitting for Kids : Knitted Cat Tutorial : Discovering Waldorf

Photo of a yarn cat knitted by a kid

There is something supremely satisfying for our children when they are able to make a tangible creation with their own two hands. It’s one of the things I love most about Waldorf education, this sense that kids can make whatever they want. I’ve seen the gift unfold often over the years. I have watched as […]

Discovering Waldorf : 14 Easy Ways to Bring Waldorf into your Home

Watercolor Origami Star : The Magic Onions : www.theMagicOnions.com

I enjoyed reading this article from Victoria Fedden on 14 easy ways to bring Waldorf into your home.   14 Easy Ways To Bring Waldorf Into Your Home     Here’s a tutorial on how to make these gorgeous Waldorf Origami Stars. If you want more information on Waldorf Education, please visit my Waldorf Page […]

The Magic Of Beautiful Books :: Discovering Waldorf

A List of the Best Waldorf Books Ever - www.theMagicOnions.com

Discovering Waldorf The Magic Of Waldorf Storybooks by:  Joey van Oort We do not have a Waldorf School close by to enroll our children, however, we have chosen to live a Waldorf lifestyle at home. When my children were born my mother in law introduced us to a few of the Waldorf story books that […]

Discovering Waldorf :: The Daily Rhythm in a Waldorf School

My family has been blessed in so many ways. I am constantly thankful for all we have… our lives are rich and deep and full in the most wonderfully simple way.  A big reason for our happiness comes from the beautiful community we have found in our local Waldorf school, Maple Village School. Kitty started […]