Winter Magic Craft Box : Available Now!

Such exciting news… the Winter Magic Craft Boxes are on their way to lucky children all over the world.


This is a reminder to all of you whose children will be receiving a Magic Craft Box… please let your child open the package herself. Opening the box will be an experience all on it’s own! It is sure to be a treasured childhood memory as they open it to see, smell and touch the magic in the boxes.

The fairies and I have been preparing the Craft Boxes for weeks… adding special touches here and there, until they are just perfect! They truly capture the magic of fairyland with moss and lichen and fairy dust!


Magic Craft Box Winter 2014 : The Magic Onions :

What I love most about packaging the Magic Craft Boxes, is watching the fairies with the butterflies who accompany each box to keep it safe.  The fairies kiss each butterfly and then gently commanded him into the Magic Box. They sprinkle some fairy dust onto his wings and ask each butterfly to take it’s special wish to a lucky child. I don’t know what those wishes are (wishes have to be kept secret to come true) but I envy every child who receives a magical butterfly wish from the fairies themselves.

The crafts in this years Magic Craft Boxes are wonderful, as usual. You and your little ones will be making :


  • a delightful Christmas Gnome Ornament.
  • a winter Wonderland Snow Globe.
  • a Pine Cone and Colorful Felted Ball Christmas Tree.
  • and magical colorful Goose Feathers.

Hours or creative, imaginative, nature-inspired family crafting.

Click on the orange to Get Your Box!


Winter Magic Craft Box :


Here are just a few examples from happy crafters…

“The Magic Craft Box was beautifully done, both in quality and the enclosed instructions. Both of my children have each completed all of the crafts and enjoyed the process so much. I would recommend these craft boxes to anyone! There are so many possibilities within the crafts. The shipping was wonderful and there was SO much attention to detail. Thanks so much!” – Vanessa

“The Magic Craft Box is pure delight! Straight from the fairies! My daughter is loving them and the magic packed in. I love them too, having everything ready in one easy package. Thank you so much!” – Lindsey

“My goodness, this is such a brilliant concept. I can’t tell which craft my children enjoyed the most! Opening their Magic Craft Boxes was such an experience for them… it made even my 11 year old start to believe in fairies again! My 3 year old loved being part of making the crafts too. All around, this was a wonderful experience for my whole family. I have already purchased our One Year Subscription – keep the magic coming!” – Denise


Winter Magic Craft Box :

Blessings and magic,


Felt Christmas Tree Ornament

DIY Felt Christmas Tree Ornament :

I love this plant dyed wool felt. There’s something SO magical about the colors you get when you use Mother Earth’s own! They are wonderfully bright and vivid but with a softness to them that is unique to natural dye. Oooooo, we were so excited to get started on all the Christmas ornaments we want to make for this year’s Christmas tree.

This colorful felt Christmas tree is our first handmade Christmas ornament of the year… isn’t it wonderful!!

All we needed to make it was our colorful wool felt (from A Child’s Dream Come True), a little brass bell (found at a garage sale), a needle and thread and a pair of scissors.

We cut the wool felt into circles… each one a slightly different size, starting with a very small circle for the top of the tree. Kitty had a very good idea and used a circle to measure the size of the next circle… just a tiny bit bigger than the one she had just cut. I LOVE to see creative critical thinking in action!

The biggest circle is a little bigger than 2 inches in diameter and the smallest one is tiny.

When about 40 felt circles have been cut out, Kitty stacked them one on top of the other, starting with the largest circle and finishing with the teeny tiniest one.

She threaded her needle with the hemp thread and tied a knot in the end. Then, one by one, she passed the needle through the center of each felt circle, starting with the biggest first and pushed each circle down to sit on the knot.

Then it was time to sew the little bell onto the top of the tree.

Use the thread to make a hanging loop and Voila! What a wonderful little Christmas ornament we now have to put on our tree when it goes up.

I love to see the look of accomplishment on Kitty’s face… it was a labor of love and she is so proud of her creation.

Check back again soon to see what other gorgeous things come out of our beautiful felt.

Blessings and magic,


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