Our New Fairy Garden : In a Stump!

Fairy Garden Gnome Home : www.theMagicOnions.com

As promised, here are photos of our new Fairy Garden. It is made in the hollowed out stump of our old plum tree (who sadly died this winter). We love our Fairy Garden all the more, knowing that our beloved plum tree’s spirit lives on inside her. We have called this garden our Gnome Home. […]

Planting Mini Pansies in Egg Shells for Easter Decorations

Planting Mini Pansies in Egg Shells for Easter : www.theMagicOnions.com

We visited our local garden shop yesterday to buy strawberry plants to plant in the cinder-block holes of my new ‘bunny-proof’ vegetable garden. Before I left home, I voiced my intention NOT TO BUY ANYTHING BUT STRAWBERRY PLANTS to my Good Man (I’m a well-known impulse plant buyer and hoped that if I committed to […]