Golden Geodes and Crystals : DIY Tutorial


I’ve been on an everything-looks-better-spray-painted-gold vibe lately.

I just want to spray paint everything gold!

Everything looks so gorgeous gold, don’t you think?!

Just look how these geodes and amethyst crystals look spray painted gold!


gold geodes and crystals diy craft tutorial photoGorgeous golden geodes and crystals photo made with gold spray paint


Amazingly cool, yes!

You see, once you get the hang of spray painting gold, the sky is your limit! EVERYTHING can go gold!

This is how I painted them…

I needed :

* geodes and crystals

* washi tape (or masking tape)

* gold spray paint


photo of materials to make gold geodes and crystals



Method :


1. stick the washi tape wherever you don’t want the gold paint to go. I wanted to keep the crystals natural, so I covered them with tape, pushing hard to adhere the tape well to the places I didn’t want the paint to find.

2. Spray paint the crystals gold.

3. Peal away the washi tape and VOILA! your geodes and crystals are suddenly even more special than they were before.


how to make gold geodes and crystals photoTutorail to make gold geodes and crystals phototo make gold geodes and crystals photoDIY to make gold geodes and crystals craft phototo make golden geodes and crystals photoPhoto of gorgeous gold geodes and crystalsawesome photo gold geodes and crystalsgold geodes and crystals diy craft tutorial photophoto of how to make gold geodes and crystals using gold spray paintGorgeous golden geodes and crystals photo made with gold spray paint


I’ve put them in a silver soap dish on the mantle. The look wonderful against the patina of the silver… shining and sparkling like magic.

Here are some other gold spray paint tutorials I’ve done recently :

Are you now hooked on gold spray paint too?

Blessings and magic,


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DIY Golden Valentine’s Day Votives

We said goodbye to our beloved Christmas tree yesterday. We hugged her and thanked her for being such a huge part of our joyous Christmas.

We packed away her precious ornaments and stored them safely for next year.

And, when she was gone, we felt so rotten, staring at her empty corner. Our home felt bare and lonely. Teddy shed a tear, reminding us that we now had to wait a WHOLE YEAR for Christmas to come again.

The Sunny House was, in fact, so melancholic that I decided we needed to craft. Crafting always lifts our spirits.

Kitty suggested that we make something for Valentines Day, a gentle hint to Teddy that we did indeed have holidays to look forward to other than Christmas.


Make gorgeous GOLDEN votives in just a few easy steps with this fun tutorials from The Magic Onions


These gorgeous golden Valentine’s Day votives/vases are what we created…



We put them in the empty corner where our Christmas tree once stood. We picked a few bright Camellias from the tree in our garden and, would you know, the Christmas tree corner is now quite a jolly place.

In fact, it’s been renamed ‘the-valentine’s-day-corner’.


Make gorgeous GOLDEN votives in just a few easy steps with this fun tutorials from The Magic Onions


Our golden votives were super easy to make in just a few simple steps.

I found the little glasses at a thrift store just the other day, just waiting to be repurposed. They cost .50c each.


Materials :

– small glasses (thrift store find)

– gold spray paint (craft or hardware store)

– washi or painters tape (craft or hardware store)

–  alphabet stickers (craft store … we got ours in our packet of adorable stickers from Pipsticks )



Method :


Step 1 :

Thoroughly clean and dry the glasses.



Step 2 :

Wrap washi tape around the outside of your glasses.

The washi tape will make sure that you only get gold paint on the inside of the glass, giving you a wonderfully smooth finish. And, washi (or painters) tape comes off without leaving a sticky residue.



Step 3 :

In a well ventilated area, spray gold paint evenly around the inside of your glasses and allow the paint to dry thoroughly.



Step 4 :

Remove the washi tape.



Step 5 :

Stick ‘love letters’ onto the outside of your glasses. We used ‘I love you’. Other suggestions are sugar, honey, sweet pea, cutie pie, darling… etc.



That’s it! Quick, easy and fun.

Look how pretty they are, brightening up the Sunny House for Valentine’s Day.



When the tea-lights inside them are alight, they send off such a beautiful golden glow.



But, we prefer them with Camellias from the garden in them. Camellias always remind me of my Gran.



See… we turned a sad occasion into a happy one with a quick and easy craft.

Now, what else can I spray paint gold?

Blessings and magic,