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Our Best Halloween Crafts

Here are our 14 best, most awesome, Halloween crafts… 1. Pine Cone Spider 2. Pumpkins decorated with melted crayon wax 3. Easy yarn pumpkin 4. Wool Ghosts 5. Pumpkin candles 6. Eggshell ghost mobile 7. Needle Felted Fairy 8. Wire Spiderweb 9. Wooden Black Widow Spider 10. Decorate pumpkins with nails and colored yarn 11.If you want to read more…click here

13 Best Halloween Crafts

Here is a list of our best 13 Halloween Crafts using natural materials… 1. Make an Eggshell Ghost Mobile 2. Have fun Pumpkin Nailing 3. Make little White Ghosts with wool. 4. Make a Pine Cone Spider 5. Make an easy Yarn Pumpkin 6. Make a (horrid) Spiders Nest 7. Make a fun Pumpkin ToadstoolIf you want to read more…click here

Let’s Make a Pine Cone Spider for Halloween

With Halloween coming up and all the scary little things we can make, Teddy has found his crafting mo-jo. He watched as our neighbors decorated their lawn with all sorts of haunted goodies and, at first, he pleaded for us to ‘go to the store and buy decorations’. ‘No,’ I replied… ‘Let’s make our own.’If you want to read more…click here

Let’s Make a Wire Spiderweb for Halloween

In The Sunny House, Halloween decorating has begun. Our first Halloween project of the year is a wire spider web. Teddy enjoyed this task immensely… tools for boys, you see. He cut the sticks using sharp garden sheers, he nipped the wire using pliers and he is now spooking everyone with his wire spiderweb. ToolsIf you want to read more…click here