Felted Pebbles

A large part of my weekend was spent making felted pebbles. You guys are loving them! They are flying out of the shop as fast as I can make them. I adore knowing that so many of you will be decorating your home with my sweet felted pebbles for Valentine’s Day. And I bet you’ll […]

Needle Felted Cloud Mobiles and Garlands

Felted Cloud Mobiles : www.theMagicOnions.com/shop

When it comes to product photography, Kitty has been my summer helper. I’m so glad we’ve found this common enjoyment. She stopped wanting to be in front of the lens quite a while ago and I really did miss her being with me as I worked. But now she’s discovered that she enjoys being behind […]

Nursery Inspiration : French Lavender and Robins Egg Blue

Nursery Inspiration : French Lavender and Robins Egg Blue

What could be more fun than decorating a nursery?! Oh, that sweet feeling of bringing a new bundle of joy into your family and home. The wonderful blank slate ahead of you and the knowledge that the world is full of endless possibilities. My baby days are done but I’m so lucky that my business […]

Felted Garlands Galore

Rainbow Felted Wool Garland : www.theMagicOnions.com

I’ve been making felted garlands for the shop. They are gorgeous. Some are made with huge felted balls, some with large and small felted balls. Some in Christmas colors, some like the rainbow, some are like snowballs. Oh, the gorgeous texture of 100% felt! You can shop for these felted wool garlands here.   Christmas […]

New Photos from The Sunny House

Here are some new photos of The Sunny House. We love open plan living. Our downstairs area is large and open where we can all be together but have our space too. The old dining room table that we picked up for free at the side of the road a few years ago (and used […]