The Waldorf Homeschool Handbook : Discovering Waldorf

The Waldorf Homeschool Handbook :

At last! A book that will lovingly hold your hand and guide you through all you are searching for with Waldorf homeschooling. This book is pure gold. Let me present The Waldorf Homeschool Handbook, written by my friend and Waldorf homeschooler extraordinaire, Donna Ashton. I’m so excited for you, Donna – congratulations! But I’m MORE […]

Friday’s Nature Table

Welcome to Friday’s Nature Table where we share our nature inspired activities and creations. Each week, I feature a link from the week before… Kitty and I fell in love with this sweet Nature Table from Maaike… And, I’m definitely going to make this yummy granola from We Bloom Here… If you’d like your link […]

Discovering Waldorf :: Waldorf Homeschool Tips

Welcome to our Discovering Waldorf Series, where everyday families share their Waldorf thoughts and experiences. Sheila is a Waldorf homeschooling mom of two boys, Grade 1 and Grade 5. She shares her wonderfully honest experiences and tips on how to come to Waldorf Homeschooling with an older child… it’s never too late!   Waldorf Homeschool […]

Discovering Waldorf :: The Joys of a Waldorf Autumn

The Joys of Autumn - Discovering Waldorf ~

At the beginning of Autumn each year, I often go back to this beautiful guest article by Marueen from Twig and Toadstool, on the joys of celebrating Autumn. I know I say this at the beginning of each new season but I really think Autumn is my favorite! :: CELEBRATING AUTUMN IN THE WALDORF HOME […]

Discovering Waldorf :: Modeling In Waldorf Education

Waldorf Alumni - Discovering Waldorf ~

With the kids home for the Summer and being around them all day (or rather, them being around meall day) it has amazed me (once again) how they imitate what I do. Modeling what they see is such a huge part of how they learn. With certain things, I can tell them what to do […]

Discovering Waldorf – ‘Waldorf Inspirations in my Home Daycare’

(Please feel free to add the above Discovering Waldorf button to your blog. You can do this by saving the above image to your desktop and then adding it to your blog as a Picture Gadget that links to this code: ) Discovering Waldorf is a weekly series of articles written by ‘everyday’ Waldorf […]

Discovering Waldorf – ‘Celebrating Autumn’

Yay! Today is Autumn Equinox. Did any of you see the Harvest Moon with her round face smiling down from the sky last night? Wasn’t she spectacular?! Did you feel her energy? Did you howl to her your love? I did. So, in celebration of Autumn, I am delighted to welcome Maureen, the twig of […]