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The Waldorf Homeschool Handbook :

At last! A book that will lovingly hold your hand and guide you through all you are searching for with Waldorf homeschooling. This book is pure gold. Let me present The Waldorf Homeschool Handbook, written by my friend and Waldorf homeschooler extraordinaire, Donna Ashton. I’m so excited for you, Donna – congratulations! But I’m MORE […]

How Can Homeschooling Fit Into My Busy Life? :: Discovering Waldorf

Donna, from The Waldorf Connection is here to share an article on how homeschooling can fit into our busy lives.     How can homeschooling fit into my busy life? These days everyone seems busier than ever and if you have one or more young children, you can feel like a juggler with too many […]

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A List of the Best Waldorf Books Ever -

Discovering Waldorf The Magic Of Waldorf Storybooks by:  Joey van Oort We do not have a Waldorf School close by to enroll our children, however, we have chosen to live a Waldorf lifestyle at home. When my children were born my mother in law introduced us to a few of the Waldorf story books that […]

Discovering Waldorf :: Waldorf Homeschool Tips

Welcome to our Discovering Waldorf Series, where everyday families share their Waldorf thoughts and experiences. Sheila is a Waldorf homeschooling mom of two boys, Grade 1 and Grade 5. She shares her wonderfully honest experiences and tips on how to come to Waldorf Homeschooling with an older child… it’s never too late!   Waldorf Homeschool […]

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Autumn Nature Display on Discovering Waldorf Education on The Magic Onions Blog

Welcome to Discovering Waldorf, where everyday families share their Waldorf thoughts and experiences. Today, Joey is here to talk about how she brings Waldorf into her family’s life. :: Discovering Waldorf::  Living and learning about the Waldorf lifestyle by:  Joey van Oort We live over an hour’s drive from the closest Waldorf School so unfortunately […]

Discovering Waldorf – ‘Planning for Next Year’

(Please feel free to add the above Discovering Waldorf button to your blog. You can do this by saving the above image to your desktop and then adding it to your blog as a Picture Gadget that links to this code: ) Discovering Waldorf is a weekly series of articles written by ‘everyday’ Waldorf […]