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Winners for the Fairy Garden Competion!!

At last… the winners of the 2010 Fairy Garden Competition!!!!

So, this is how we did it (and probably why it took so long to decide). I chose my favorite, Kitty chose her favorite, Teddy chose his favorite and then Mr Random chose his favorite. There were sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many seriously gorgeous fairy gardens to choose from and it was excruciatingly difficult. Kitty and I had a very hard time and back and forthed between several… Teddy chose his immediately, typical maleness, no problem deciding at all.

Here are the winners –

My winner is…
Felicity St John. She doesn’t have a blog but sent in photos of her magical garden. Here is one…

Felicity wins a set of personalized burp cloths from TLC Blankets and Things AND a set of 10 acorns from my shop, Fairyfolk.

Kitty chose Crystal and her families fairy garden. It is utterly magical all around but I do think it was this photo that clinched it for her… little water lilies… aaaaahhhhhhh! They win an enchanting print of their choice (up to the same price as Dream a Little Dream) from the amazing Periwinkle Sky.

Teddy chose the garden from the family of the Renaissance Mama. I do know why… apart from being utterly darling with swings and cute gnomes in it, it had a boat! Dawns family wins a skein of hand-painted rainbow yarn from Mama4Earth… oh my, now this is stunning!!

Mr Random did a great job and picked the garden from the family over at Choochmagooz.
Such a cutie with a seriously gorgeous rope ladder, a pond and lots of other magical little treasures. They win a super cute wooden acorn stacker, ready for all sorts of imaginative play from The Enchanted Cupboard.

What a wonderful Fairy Garden Competition it was. Thank you to everyone who made and sent in an entry. There were soooooo many magical photos of so many enchanting gardens. It made me shine from my heart to imagine the imaginative and creative hours you spent with your children making such wonderlands. Thank you!

We will definitely have another Fairy Garden Competition next year! Yes!

Blessings and magic.

Make a Fairy Garden.

How to Make a Fairy Garden

Childhood magic is a precious gift. I believe that in today’s fast paced, success driven world, it is more important than ever to protect AND nurture the magic in our children’s lives. The excitement my Kitty feels when she discovers that fairies have left her a silvery message on a leaf… the delight in a pearly dewdrop left behind by Mother Moon. These whimsical thoughts dwell in childhood’s imagination and yet the magic they spark will live in her heart long after she knows that it is only the snail who left the silvery trail and condensation that left the dewdrop.

My mother made sure that there was magic in my own childhood and I endeavor to do the same for my children. One of the ways we nurture childhood magic in our home is through Kitty’s fairy garden. She pays outside in her fairy garden often, almost daily. She’s in the warm sun, breathing in the fresh air. It is her special place where her imagination can roam freely, no one is listening to her (except the fairies, of course) ad no one is interfering with her. Her Fairy Garden is where her felted fairies and gnomes get married, her tiny horses gallop freely and her little wooden birds build their nests.



Kitty and I made her fairy garden together. We started with a large whisky barrel but you can also use a much smaller container such as a planter, a tin basin or even a salad bowl. Make sure that the container has a hole in the bottom for proper drainage. Drill a hole if your container doesn’t have one. You will be watering your fairy garden often and it is important that it can drain adequately.
Once you have picked out your container, fill it with potting soil. Leave it about half a foot deep.



Next, let your child plan out her fairy garden. Kitty drew a detailed map, indicating where she wanted a hill and a valley, were the pond would go and even where she wanted the path to be placed. Making the map gave her ownership, made the garden hers.


Drawing a map of our Fairy Garden


We propped the plan up in the papyrus and got to work landscaping our garden. We created the hill by mounding the soil and the valley by digging a groove.


Teddy, Kitty’s little brother, was in charge of finding earthworms in the vegetable garden to put in Kitty’s fairy garden. He was very good at his job and found quite a few…



Earthworms are optional. They are great soil aerators and help maintain good soil drainage (plus, they give the little one something to do so that he doesn’t keep destroying the soil hill his sister has, so carefully, built…)


Now, it is time to plant the ‘trees’ and plants. When choosing plants for your fairy garden, be mindful of the scale you are after. You want it to look like a miniature garden. Moss is the main ground cover and too many other plants may detract from the mossy atmosphere. Let your child’s imagination run wild as she chooses plants that will attract the fairies in your neighborhood. We used an immature Tea Tree for our tree. We know that it will want to grow very big and we need to trim it often to keep it stunted. The tree sets the scale of the garden. If your garden is in a smaller container, a shrub will have the same effect as a tree. Also, keep in mind the color combinations… silvers, light greens, dark greens, browns… we like as many colors as possible as it adds texture and interest to our fairy garden. Another consideration when choosing your plants is to make sure the combinations all like the same amount of sun and water. If you are going to be using moss, remember that moss likes sun to part shade and lots of water… add other plants that like the same. If you are going for a desert garden appeal, pebbles, rocks and various cacti look wonderful, but do make sure that too many prickles won’t deter your little one from playing in his garden. Here are the plants Kitty chose…



When your plants are laid out, set in your pond. Your pond can be any small container. We used a coconut shell as we love the natural texture it adds but you can use a glass, porcelain or metal bowl too… anything that lends itself to the magic and natural feel of your garden. Do not place your stones until you have planted the moss.


Creative play in our Fairy Garden


With the pond in place, it’s time to plant the moss. Carefully break off chunks of moss and contour it over the landscaped hill and valley, around the pond and the tree. Remember to leave space for the path.
Arrange the rocks and pebble path and, all at once, your fairy garden looks like the magical wonderland that it is.


Beautiful Fairy Garden


Water your Fairy Garden well…


A Fairy Garden for the imagination


Put all the little fairy and gnome bits and pieces in place… a toadstool rock, a miniature table and chair, a nest.


Red rock toadstool


Your Fairy Garden is complete but your little one will add to it every so often… a special feather, a log and, of course, their imagination to make it magic!


Magical Fairy Garden


We’ve seen many amazing things in our Fairy Garden… a minute mushroom circle appeared one day, a tiny downy feather from a baby bird was left on the moss another. These things, I had nothing to do with and even I, am starting to believe.


Kitty’s fairy garden is her kingdom and, in it, magic reigns!



If you are in the spirit of spring fairy gardening, be sure to check out my fairy garden page where you’ll find LOTS of fairy garden inspiration and magic.

I hope I’ve inspired you to make a Fairy Garden with your own little ones and enter it into our Fairy Garden Contest. Not only is it incredibly fun to make a miniature garden like this, but there are such AWESOME prizes to be won.

The Fairy Garden Contest 2016 is open for entries from April until August, 2016. Enter here.


Fairy Garden Contest 2016 :: The Magic Onions :: www.FairyGardens.com

Also, have a look at my Fairy Gardens shop for the BEST fairy garden accessories.

Blessings and magic,


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The Magical FAIRY and GNOME GARDEN Challenge and Giveaway!

A Fairy or Gnome Garden is such a place of magic for a child.. to build it AND to play in it. It is a creative and imaginative jewel of childhood who’s magic and memory can last forever. Please invite as many people and their children to join us in this magical challenge and LETS MAKE SOME FAIRY and GNOME GARDENS!

Rules of the Challenge;
1. We encourage everyone to create their own FAIRY or GNOME GARDEN. It can be in a bowl, a planter, a shady spot in the garden… anywhere, as long as it is a place of fairy magic and enchantment.
2. Post about your FAIRY or GNOME GARDEN and let me know or send me a photo of it on my email and you will go into the drawing to win…
**A package of fairy garden furniture and treasures, including this mushroom,

Magic Mushroom

Everyone who has participated in The Magical FAIRY or GNOME GARDEN Challenge, will go into a draw and the winner will be randomly selected. In addition, K will choose 3 of her favourites, these three will be added in the draw an additional 10 times! The draw will take place on Wednesday, September 23, so, be sure to get your Fairy or Gnome Gardens in before then.
I will link to your Fairy Garden so that everyone can see your enchantment too.
Leading up to September 23, I will be posting many Fairy Garden activities, including making how to make a Fairy or Gnome Garden and how to make all sorts of fairy furniture so be sure to check it out daily.
Blessings and magic.

The Fairy Garden.

We try very hard to make our garden attractive to fairies. At the end of a gardening session, we stand with our hands on our hips and remark… ‘I think the fairies will be VERY happy with what we have done here!’ But K has recently become very downhearted at not having ‘actually’ seen a fairy in our garden. ‘Perhaps, if we had a Fairy Garden, I would actually see a fairy, Mom.’ she pleaded. So, one of my dad’s projects while he was here was to make K and T a Fairy Garden. 

We all set off for our local garden shop and had great fun choosing plants that look like they would be found in Fairyland.
We chose moss, of course! Silver-green ground cover that had miniature pink flowers. Some green spiky grass and a small pink Tea Tree. 

We commandeered my wine barrel planter and planned our very own Fairy Garden. 
Grampa got to work planting. 

He tried hard to be asymmetrical and almost succeeded! 

We added an upturned coconut shell for a pond.
And, voila… the Fairy Garden was complete.

A week later, the moss has grown nicely, almost covering all the dirt. The coconut pond is constantly empty as Mr T’s favorite thing of the day is to empty it (usually all over himself). 
Some pet rocks have made it their home. 
So has the bird and nest K made for easter. 
It looks too delightful.

K still hasn’t ‘actually’ seen a fairy in it but there have been definite signs that it has been visited by fairies… tiny footprints have been seen in the dirt and a flower was picked and left in the pond, so, everyone, fairies DO exist!