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Tutorail : Needle Felted Hearts using a cookie cutter : www.theMagicOnions.com

Needle Felting Tutorial :: Felted Hearts

Who want’s to make their loved ones needle felted hearts for Valentine’s Day?

If you have never needle felted before, this tutorial is perfect for you. We use a cookie cutter to help shape the hearts and protect our fingers from the sharp needle. Seriously, its’ fun and easy and quick and the little hearts you end up with will melt hearts!

Here is a link to our tutorial :

Tutorial : Needle Felted Hearts for Valentine’s Day

And, for those of you who want to give these hearts a try but don’t know where to get the supplies, I’ve put together a kit that contains everything you’ll need to make 3 beautiful hearts… the red, pink and white wool, the heart-shaped cookie cutter, two needle felting needles, a protective foam board and step-by-step directions. The kit is available in my shop Fairyfolk.

Click here to purchase a Needle Felted Heart Kit.

Happy felting,

Blessings and magic,