Mulberry Jam Recipe

Our mulberry tree is laden with mulberries.

Every day, we all eat our fill of sweet lovely berries : us, the birds, the bunnies and even Moose, the dog… and yet, we just can’t keep up. Our sweet tree just keeps on giving.

What to do?

Mulberry jam, of course… we make mulberry jam!

And, it works perfectly because this week is teacher appreciation week and we are making lunch for our teachers every day this week. Today is ‘breakfast’ lunch, with pastries, bagels and… mulberry jam.


photo of us picking mulberries

photo of a bowl of mulberries


Kitty and Teddy are our mulberry jam makers (and eaters!)

They use a lovely recipe that I’ve shared at the end of this post.

The hard work is in picking a full bowl of mulberries, cleaning them and removing their green stalks. In fact, this is such hard work that it often has to be done in shifts.

Their hands stain red, which is great fun for an eight year old and an eleven year old.


photo of hands staind with Mullberry Juice

photo of a us making mulberry jamphoto of a pot of mulberry jamphoto of making mulberry jam recipephoto of recipe of mulberry jamPhoto of lemon juicePhoto of old stove


We have mulberry jam on our pancakes – yum deluxe!

And on our toast and on our ice cream.

We took it camping too for bagel breakfast.

I had a nice stock on my pantry shelf but, alas, it went so quickly and it’s time to make some more!


photo of pancakes with Mulberry jam syrupPhoto of mulberry jamphoto of a jar of mulberry jam in my pantryphoto of mason jars of mulberry jamphoto of a jar of mulberry jam



– a bowl of cleaned, de-stalked mulberries

– 2 cups of sugar

– half a lemon


Put the berries in a large saucepan.

Bring them to the boil.

Add sugar and lemon juice.

Reduce heat for a few minutes until all the sugar has dissolved.

Can your mulberry jam according to safe canning/bottling methods.



Blessings and magic,



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