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Kitty’s Commision

I promised I’d share Kitty’s finished artwork for my upgraded Fairy Garden site. It’s delightful… so full of whimsy and magic. Look at the toadstools and the forget-me-nots, foxgloves and ivy. And the hedgehog, cardinal bluebird and butterflies. And the bee, of course. And the spider…     She’s amazing, my sweet 13! Imagine theIf you want to read more…click here

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to all. To celebrate, Kitty has drawn us some Halloween pictures. They are THE MEESHES OF HALLOWEEN ~ a fictional set of creatures Kitty and her friends have created. Aren’t they sweet… Fireman Meesh and Angle Meesh. Pumpkin Meesh and Prisoner Meesh. We hope the Pumpkin Fairy comes to your home tonight :-)If you want to read more…click here