Autumn Magic Craft Box – 2015

Are you ready for some fun fall crafting?

The first of the autumn Magic Craft Boxes are on their way to excited children around the world.

The fairies get so excited when it’s time to let you know that the Magic Craft Boxes are on their way! They dart around in quite a state as we package up the craft kits, sprinkle fairy dust into each box and it on its way.


Autumn Magic Craft Box :


Autumn’s Magic Craft Box is fulled to the brim with fall enchantment. Your kids will spend hours of fun working with nature inspired materials to make gorgeous autumn crafts that you’ll be proud to display in your home.

1. The cutest acorn acorn toadstool potted plant

2. A pretty lace and feather dream catcher

3. A gorgeous fall-inspired fairy lantern for lantern walk

4. Two of the sweetest nature gnomes


Photo of Autumn Magic Craft Box :


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All crafts in the Autumn Magic Craft Box are…

  • magical and fun
  • inspired by nature
  • eco-friendly
  • appeal to all genders and ages


Photo fo Magic Acorn Toadstools in Autumn Magic Craft Box :

Crafts require various amounts of parental involvement. If you have a young child, they will work with you as you create magic together. An older child might need you to help them with a few aspects of each craft.


Make an Autumn Fairy Lantern :


The Magic Craft Box is a such a lovely gift for little loved ones who live far away from you. If you are a Grandparent, what better gift for your grandchildren than a Magic Craft Box to arrive each season, filled with delightful, nature-inspired, crafts for them to enjoy with your own children. What a lovely talking point for you to have with them as they tell you what magical treasures they have made from your gift that keeps on giving.


Make an Autumn Gnomes :

As you know from reading The Magic Onion, I am inspired by Mother Nature and all of the beautiful treasures she bestows upon us. I use nature and natural materials as much as I can in my craft kits. There is something magical that happens when we work with natural elements. It’s as if our spirits connect with the energy of the Earth to open up our creative beings and set our imaginations free… you will see this in the sparkling eyes of  your children and the innocent enchantment on their faces as they work with feathers, wool or silk. It is this experience that is the magic that is hidden in each Magic Craft Box.

Lacy Dream Catcher : Magic Craft Box Autumn :

How about signing up for a One-Year subscription … you’ll get a new package, filled with wonderful seasonal crafts on your doorstep at the beginning of each season.

Life is busy.

If you are like me, you often don’t have the time to find the goodies we need to make cute things with our children.

Why not rely on The Magic Craft Box ?

Everything you’ll need to make these beautiful handmade treasures with your children will be mailed straight to your doorstep, ready and waiting for when you have a little free time to make magic with your children.

Delight your children and spark their imaginations and creative spirits.

  • There is a new Magic Craft Box for each new season.
  • Sign up for a One Year Subscription to receive a Magic Craft Box, automatically, at the beginning of each season.
  • Or purchase a new Magic Craft Boxes each season.

4 Seasons :


Magic Craft Box -


Feedback from Happy Customers:


“The Magic Craft Box was beautifully done, both in quality and the enclosed instructions. Both of my children have each completed all of the crafts and enjoyed the process so much. I would recommend these craft boxes to anyone! There are so many possibilities within the crafts. The shipping was wonderful and there was SO much attention to detail. Thanks so much!” – Vanessa

“The Magic Craft Box is pure delight! Straight from the fairies! My daughter is loving them and the magic packed in. I love them too, having everything ready in one easy package. Thank you so much!” – Lindsey

“My goodness, this is such a brilliant concept. I can’t tell which craft my children enjoyed the most! Opening their Magic Craft Boxes was such an experience for them… it made even my 11 year old start to believe in fairies again! My 3 year old loved being part of making the crafts too. All around, this was a wonderful experience for my whole family. I have already purchased our One Year Subscription – keep the magic coming!” – Denise

This is how magically each craft kit is packaged


If you have any questions or problems, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Enjoy making MAGIC!

Blessings and magic,


Let’s Make a Tin Can Lantern

Making a lantern is a fun way to talk about the changing seasons with your child. One way to help your children notice and experience seasonal changes is through the things you craft together. When you work together, curiosity is inevitable, questions arise, learning is easy. As autumn makes the evenings come sooner and sooner a lantern is a meaningful project for early autumn crafting. Boys and girls love the physical nature of this project. They feel reverence in working with ‘real’ tools like a nail and hammer. Of all the lanterns we’ve made recently, this tin lantern was Teddy’s favorite.

How to make  tin lantern ::

Photo credit : Patent Pending Projects

Save up a tin can and have some lantern fun.

You’ll need :

  1. a tin can
  2. a nail and a hammer
  3. a length of wire for the lantern handle
  4. a pair of pliers


Make a Tin Lantern ::

Use the nail and hammer to make holes in the tin can. You can get fancy with the patterns of the holes… or you can have random holes like Teddy preferred.

Make a Tin Lantern ::

Make a Tin Lantern ::

Make a Tin Lantern ::

Punch a hole just below the rim of the tin on either side for the wire handle to pass through. Thread and secure the wire handle.

Make a Tin Lantern ::

Place a tea light inside the tin and light it as soon as it gets dark. Your child will be so proud of his cool tin lantern.

Make a Tin Lantern ::

Here’s a lovely traditional Waldorf song that captures the joy a lantern can elicit :

Glimmer, lantern, glimmer…

little stars a-shimmer

Over meadow, moor and dale

Flitter flutter elfin veil.

Glimmer, lantern, glimmer…

Little stars a-shimmer.

Over rock and stock and stone,

Wander tripping little gnome.

Here are a couple of links to other lantern projects :

Make a lantern with pressed flowers

Make a paper mache lantern

Blessings and magic,