Throwback Thursday : Our Little House on the Prairie

Little House On The Prairie :

Oh my… how I love looking back through the years. Look at how adorable Teddy was in 2011!     I came across these posts again… our Little House On The Prairie. and Housekeeeping. Looking at the sweet space Kitty, Teddy and I created together gave me that warm, fuzzy feeling in my belly as […]


Waldorf Education : The Magic Onions :

I have a few housekeeping items to share with you today.   Firstly… a huge, HUGE, Thank you to YOU. The Magic Onions reached a milestone this month of  7 million beautiful visitors. I’m utterly honored that so many of you have blessed me with your presence. And humbled too. Thank you. Secondly… I will […]

Our Vegetable Garden

Of course, when Teddy and Kitty play in their ‘Little House on the Prairie‘ they just have to have a vegetable garden! We made their vegetable garden by filling a big tub with soil. And then we found all kind of ‘vegetable’ for them to plant… Daddy’s big blots for carrots. Pine cones for radishes. […]

Our Little House on the Prairie.

 I was honored and delighted when, a little while ago, Cassi from The Crafty Crow wrote to ask if I would write a little post for her super-stunning blog about our favorite book. I said ‘Yes!’ with great excitement, and then didn’t even have to think far to know what book I’d write about. Little […]