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Love Apples and Other Valentine’s Crafts

Funny how family traditions start. Three years ago, I made LOVE APPLES for the first time. Since then, I’ve put them into Kitty and Teddy’s lunch every Valentine’s Day. It’s become our sweet tradition and they both look forward to opening their lunch bag to see that their mom loves them.

I smile as I write this as I am imagining Kitty and Teddy putting LOVE APPLES into their children’s lunches on Valentine’s Day, 20 years from now.  They’ll smile as they do too, remembering how these fun apples made them feel special all those years ago.

We are all making special memories for our children without realizing it.

Here are some other fun Valentine’s crafts we’ve enjoyed…


Lovely Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids : www.theMagicOnions.com

1. Love Apples

2. Clay Heart Necklace

3. Easy Playdough Hearts

4. Yarn Love Words

5. Secret Valentine’s Day Card

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