Fairy Garden Feature : TWO

Gnome Garden on The Magic Onions

Oh my… I’ve been in stitches reading all about our next Fairy Garden feature. Not only is the garden utterly wonderful but the story behind it is too charming for words! Meet Glimthink and Fimfizz Shortfuzz, gnome twins who live in SummerSadie’s gnome garden. You can see Fimfizz standing next to the magic toadstools and Glimthinkk […]

Our New Fairy Garden : In a Stump!

Fairy Garden Gnome Home : www.theMagicOnions.com

As promised, here are photos of our new Fairy Garden. It is made in the hollowed out stump of our old plum tree (who sadly died this winter). We love our Fairy Garden all the more, knowing that our beloved plum tree’s spirit lives on inside her. We have called this garden our Gnome Home. […]

Fairy Garden Contest :: 2014 :: Enter Here!

Fairy Garden Contest : www.theMagicOnions.com

Important NOTE : The winners of the Fairy Garden Contest will be announced in September. I’m sorry for the delay but it’s taking a little longer than anticipated to pick just 4 winners from such enchanting entries. I’ll give you an update soon, I promise. Thanks for your patience. It is with GREAT excitement that […]

Our New Fairy Garden :: Fairy Gardens :: 2013

Kitty’s been playing in our new Fairy Garden… Do you want more Fairy Garden inspiration? Here are our important Fairy Garden links… Enter the Fairy Garden Contest here. Here’s a link to the Fair Garden Page for more Fairy Garden inspiration. Here’s a link to purchase the cutest Fairy Garden Kit ever. And, here’s my […]

Fairy Garden Feature :: 2013 :: One

Excitement abounds!! We have our first entries into our 5th Annual Fairy Garden Contest!!! It is thrilling to see each new Fairy Garden and imagine all the magical experiences the children have had (and are still having) with them. I will be featuring a new Fairy Garden entry each week and this week it’s a […]

Fairy Gardens :: 2013 :: Kitty’s Personal Fairy Garden

We had a magical weekend making Fairy Gardens. Kitty decided she wanted her own, personal, Fairy Garden… one that she could move around if she wanted to. We set off for our nearest thrift shop in search of the perfect container. When she saw an old silver soup tureen, she declared that she’d found it! […]

Fairy Garden Contest :: 2013

Fairy Garden Contest 2013 on The Magic Onions

It is with great excitement that I present the 5th Annual Fairy Garden Contest! Get out your tiny rakes and trowels… find some moss and magic… and make a Fairy Garden! Click this link to see the AWESOME prizes for the 2013 Fairy Garden Contest! CONTEST RULES: 1. Make a Fairy Garden. 2. Write a […]

Fairy Gardens :: 2013

Hello Fairy Garden Friends! It’s April at last… and we all know what happens in April….. FAIRY GARDENS……..! On Wednesday 3 April 2013,  I will open the 5th Annual Fairy Garden Contest and all the fun will begin. Until then, please visit my Fairy Garden Page that is packed full of all manner of Fairy […]

Winner Spotlight :: Fairy Garden Contest 2012

Magical Kid Friendly Fairy Garden from The Magic Onions Blog

Today’s Winner Spotlight features a Fairy Garden from Our Broken Road that is truly amazing. Kitty, Teddy and I have poured over all the delightful details in this enchanted garden for hours… and we still keep finding things we didn’t see before. Thank you to all the little fairies who made this garden and shared […]

Winner Spotlight :: Fairy Garden Contest 2012

Here are some more delightful photos from one of our Fairy Garden Winners, Three Sisters.Look at the sweet little rose-twig well and the miniature white picket fence. And the row of Statice pot plants in the moss. But, what we love the most, are the stick and acorn streetlights!! And the little fairy washing line, […]