Make Knitting Needles!

photo of making your own knitting needles

Pop on over the the Natural Kids Blog to see a tutorial on making your own knitting needles with your child… we will be making our own for sure. Blessings and magic.

Making Beeswax Acorns.

When we made our Beeswax Valentine Hearts yesterday, we had a little melted wax left over. I remembered such a fun project making beeswax acorns and y’all know how crazy I am about acorns. It didn’t take much convincing to get K excited too. Aren’t they just adorable? To make our little beeswax acorns, we […]

How to make a Walnut Boat.

Waldorf education has been a great gift to our family. We happened upon it when K was 3 and fell in love with its gentle, nature based learning. Slowly, we have incorporated many of the Waldorf philosophies into our everyday lives. I did not expect to find myself raising my family in one of the […]

How to make a little Mouse Toy.

We were super-excited to find walnuts in their shells at our local grocery store. When the walnuts appear… the holidays are near, Folks! These mice were our first walnut project. I love to show my kids that they are clever enough to make their own sweet little toys. This is what we needed to make […]

Make a Bean Box.

My children love playing with beans. Their particular bean favorite is what we call ‘Spilling the Beans‘. We have an old draw that I fill with beens and rice, packets of the stuff! They love to sift it, sweep it, spoon it. They love how it feels slipping through their fingers. They love running their […]

Make a cute Halloween Votive.

Finally, Mr T (our Tibetan Wind) was allowed to play in K’s sand painting. He love it, running his finger through the colors and seeing how they mixed together making a new color all together. He twirled the sand, heaped it, flattened it, until it was a rainbow mixture. When he tired of it, I […]

Friday’s Nature Table.

Welcome to Friday’s Nature Table, a forum for us to share the nature inspired things we have done with our children… our nature ideas, crafts, activities, inspirations and photos. Nature is all around… her magic is everywhere! I encourage everyone to participate, the more wonderful ideas we can share about how to enjoy our beautiful […]

Painting With Colored Sand.

One of my very favorite movies is Kundun. Watching it is a magical experience from beginning to end. I vividly remember the very first time I saw it… it opens with the Tibetan Monks painting with sand. They work for hours making the most beautiful image from colored sand. It’s huge, covering the entire floor… […]

How to make Colored Sand.

Mr T insisted on bringing home a bucket of sand from the beach. Unlike me, he loves sand so much and can play with it for hours. He really doesn’t mind if it gets in his hair, his clothes, his bed! So, to enthuse with this love, we decided to make colored sand. This is […]

How to make a Fairy’s Washing Line.

A big question was asked… What if our fairies did their washing in the coconut pond in K’s Fairy Garden? They might have to hang their wet clothes on the tree to dry and that would look untidy… that wouldn’t do! A washing line had to be made! If you are enjoying this tutorial, Please […]