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Wool Easter Eggs

I’m not a fan of the little hollow plastic Easter eggs everyone seems to go mad for. In fact I can’t stand them! They are all… um… plastic! Yuck! They are usually garish colors and hard and cold to the touch…  not warm and fuzzy like all things Easter are supposed to be. And the waste!!! Oh my… what happens to all those horrid little plastic things when Easter is over? Landfills?? If it takes a plastic beverage bottle 450 years to break down, I imagine these awful plastic Easter eggs will take even longer!

There are lots of eco-friendly alternatives out there… paper mache eggs, wooden eggs, fabric eggs, knitted eggs and, of course, woolen eggs.

I have Felted Easter Eggs available in Fairyfolk… 100% natural and in beautiful colored wool. Don’t you think your little ones would rather find a couple of these warm and fuzzy eggs than 30 horrid little plastic things?


If you purchase from Fairyfolk before Monday 25 March, your Easter goodies will still arrive in time for Easter (in the USA).

Blessings and magic,