Adorable DIY Felt Flower Christmas Ornaments

Everyone is going to want to make these ADORABLE felt flower ornaments! Aren’t they the sweetest?!


DIY Felt Flower Ornament Tutorial :

They look SO utterly adorable on my Christmas tree! You can see more photos of our Needle Felted Christmas tree here.)


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Lucky you! I have a DIY tutorial to share with you today!


DIY Felt Flower Ornament Tutorial :

Big Tip :  use 100% wool felt. Believe me, there is SUCH a huge difference between polyester felt and wool felt. Wool felt has a MUCH richer texture and the colors take to wool felt in a much more authentic hue. Wool felt might be more expensive but, if you are going to take the time and effort to MAKE something, you might as well start with materials that are worthy of your time and help you achieve the most beautiful creation possible. Wool is real and real is better.

Here is the tutorial in a pinnable graphic for Pinterest… you’ll want to pin this graphic to save you wasting time searching for it later. Trust me… you WILL make these wonderful felt flowers at some point in your life… so pin it now!


DIY Felt Flower Ornament Tutorial :

Here is the full DIY tutorial with BIG photos to help guide you through each step.


Materials :


DIY Felt Flower Ornament Tutorial :


All you’ll need is wool felt (here is my favorite place for wool felt), scissors, glue and hemp string.


DIY Felt Flower Ornament Tutorial :


Use chalk to draw a concentric, scalloped spiral onto an 8 inch square of wool felt.

Use sharp scissors to cut out the scalloped spiral.

Big Tip : use freezer paper when cutting felt. Draw your design onto the freezer paper. Put it, waxy-side down, onto the felt. Iron it until the freezer paper has bonded to the felt. You’ll find the felt much easier to work with now. The freezer paper makes the felt sturdy. Use sharp scissors to cut the felt and the freezer paper together. When you have cut our your design, peel off the freezer paper and throw it away. The freezer paper will give your felt cuts lovely clean lines. You’ll never go back to cutting felt without freezer paper.


DIY Felt Flower Ornament Tutorial : DIY Felt Flower Ornament Tutorial :


When you have cut out your concentric scalloped spiral, you will roll it into a flower shape.

Start with the outside of the spiral. Roll it upon itself, keeping the petals even on top.

You can let the center (bottom) of the flower span outward a little. And even pull the petals a little to widen your flower into an open shape.


DIY Felt Flower Ornament Tutorial :


When you come to the round center of the spiral at the end, put a little glue onto the underside of the felt and stick it over the bottom to hide the messy rolled up felt.

Looking at my photo below, you wouldn’t know that if you lifted up the round center-of-the-spiral, you would see a very messy looking inside of my flower.


DIY Felt Flower Ornament Tutorial :


Cut the hemp string into a 3 inch length and stick it to the back of the flower.


DIY Felt Flower Ornament Tutorial :


If you don’t like the look of the glue on the back of the flower, you can cut out a small circle of felt and stick it over the glue to hide it.

Admire your ADORABLE felt flower… isn’t it the cutest thing ever?! And YOU made it!!!


DIY Felt Flower Ornament Tutorial :


These felt flowers look wonderful in any color.

Hang them on your Christmas tree and count how many times someone gasps in delight when they see them. In fact, you’d do well to make double to give away to envious friends who just-have-to-have-them!


DIY Felt Flower Ornament Tutorial : DIY Felt Flower Ornament Tutorial :


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