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Waldorf From a Neuroscientific Perspective - Discovering Waldorf ~

I had the pleasure of attending a lecture given last night by Ruth Ker, a well known Waldorf Early Childhood expert and author. It was a brilliant talk which left me inspired and motivated. Upon leaving the lecture hall at the end of her talk, Ruth handed out informational material. When I looked down at […]

Discovering Waldorf – ‘Waldorf from a Neuroscientific Perspective’

Why Waldorf Educations works from the perspective of Neuroscience from Dr Reggie Melors on The Magic Onions Blog

Last year, I attended a lecture given by Dr Reggie Melrose. The topic of the lecture was on brain development and, specifically, how cutting-edge neuroscience supports Waldorf theories. She was utterly fascinating and her insight into the developing brain was truly enlightening. I couldn’t believe our luck when she agreed to share her expertise with […]