Family Goals for 2015!

Family Goals for 2015 -

Happy New Year!!   Thank you to 2014 and all the special memories we made together.   Here’s a snapshot of our year…     Yay for 2015! May it be full of love, blessings and happy times.   Here are a few family goals we created for the year ahead – we’ll tell you […]

Thank you!

I recently re-read my very first blog post. It was written on New Year’s Day 2009. It was written to my extended family. Re-reading it brought tears to my eyes… I needed this space with all my heart. I am so proud of that girl back then who was brave enough to let go of […]

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year, dear friends. May your 2010 be full of blessings and magic! This is my wish for this new year… May we live in the moment, May we see the joy in all the ordinary things, May we love with all our hearts, And may we know how lucky we are. I wanted […]

Make an easy HAPPY NEW YEAR banner.

K is showing great interest in learning how to read. So, when I suggested we make a HAPPY NEW YEAR banner, a craft that uses letters, she squealed excitedly. When she saw that the letters were glittery, she declared this to be ‘the best craft EVER!’ We needed, Glittery letters (from a craft store) Paper […]

How to make Champagne Glass Charms.

I am excited! We are going to a New Years Eve bash. Yay… chink-chink… HAPPY, NEW YEAR! This is when I have to admit that we have been real old fogys for the past few years… we haven’t even made an effort to see in the new year… we have put our kids to bed […]