Discovering Waldorf : 14 Easy Ways to Bring Waldorf into your Home

Watercolor Origami Star : The Magic Onions :

I enjoyed reading this article from Victoria Fedden on 14 easy ways to bring Waldorf into your home.   14 Easy Ways To Bring Waldorf Into Your Home     Here’s a tutorial on how to make these gorgeous Waldorf Origami Stars. If you want more information on Waldorf Education, please visit my Waldorf Page […]

How to make a Lantern for Winter Solstice.

Today is Winter Solstice… the shortest day of the year and tonight will be the longest night. It is a time to celebrate and mark the year by inviting the light back into our lives. In all this darkness, it is a time to reflect inwardly and ask that light and warmth grow our hearts […]

Make Hanging Christmas Stars.

Our house is starting to look a lot like Christmas! It’s SUCH fun! I just LOVE the holidays!!! To add to the holiday ambiance in our home, we made these gorgeous hanging stars… they bring such magic! They look so pretty hanging all around! They also look complicated to make, don’t they? The amazing thing […]