Halloween Giveaway : Pumpkin Witches!

Halloween Witches : Needle Felted Dolls : The Magic Onions Shop

Look who just flew into the shop! Two of the plumpest Halloween witches. They flew in on their little rustic broomsticks and are giggling naughtily. I’m sure they are up to some mischief in there! So… I’m wanting to test something in my Etsy shop and I’m hoping you’ll help me. To thank you, I’ve […]

The Pumpkin Fairy

The BIG question… What do you do with all that Halloween candy? Do you guys know about the Pumpkin Fairy? If you don’t, and you are not mad about your children eating all that candy from Halloween night, you are going to LOVE this story! Our Halloween night tradition is to go trick-or-treating, dressed in […]

Let’s make a Spiders Nest.

Halloween seems to have crept up on us this year… is it really only one week away? We had better hurry up and enjoy some Halloween crafting! Today, we made a horrid pumpkin… a really SCARY pumpkin! Look at it… eeek! It’s not nice at all!! It’s a pumpkin spiders nest and it creeps me […]

The Ledgend of the Pumpkin Fairy.

Does the Pumpkin Fairy visit your house on Halloween night? Thankfully, she visits ours and Kitty and Teddy are already wondering what she’ll leave for them this year. Before the Pumpkin Fairy started to visit our house on Halloween, I was faced (as I’m sure many of you are faced) with quite a dilemma… trick […]