Hoop Art Treasures for Valentine’s Day

What do you do with all the old clothes that were once beloved to your children? The favorite dress that was worn every day for a month… so much that when you look at it, you can actually see your much older child as the toddler they once were? Or the t-shirt that was worn […]

Handmade Ornaments – Cashmere and Herb Heart.

Just after A Good Man and I got married, we moved into a tiny little apartment and I set about decorating it with great enthusiasm. My first space as a married woman! Alas, I soon realized that the worn, hand-me-down couch we had inherited from my grandmother, the mismatched dishes we had ended up with […]

Learning to sew.

With all the felted sweater sewing that’s been going on in our house, K has become very interested to learn to sew. She has tried to sew in the past, but seems to loose interest after the second stitch. Today, she was determined to complete her own sewing project. Her fairy needed a pillow, you […]