Discovering Waldorf Education :: Creating a Waldorf Inspired Home

I have exciting news today… I’m happy to announce that I am bringing back the Discovering Waldorf Education series. So many of you have requested its return as it gave us all such a beautiful, every-day, insight into the Waldorf way. The Discovering Waldorf series is a compilation of articles about the Waldorf way of […]

The Six-Year Transformation :: Discovering Waldorf

Six-Year Change :: Discovering Waldorf ::

The Six-Year Transformation By Michelle Brightwater The six-year transformation or change is an amazing and tumultuous time in the life of your youngling (and for you!). This time is referred to as the “first puberty,” which gives a great deal of insight into the kind of behavior you might expect during this time. Although it […]

Overcoming Fear :: Discovering Waldorf

Discovering Waldorf :

Overcoming Fear and the Perception of Judgment within the Waldorf Community     This past year, after discovering Waldorf during Fall 2010, I finally visited my first Waldorf school. Everything up to that point that I knew about Waldorf and my experiences with it were from books and online. When I first got the invitation […]

Cultivating a Waldorf Home :: Discovering Waldorf

Cultivating a Waldorf Home - Discovering Waldorf -

Cultivating a Waldorf Home by Nicole Justice-Kleeman I’m so grateful that Nicole has written an article for us about how to cultivate a Waldorf home. I have had so many requests from readers on how to expand from these ideas outlined below that I have put together a Waldorf workshop called 8 Steps To the […]

Natural Art Supplies :: Discovering Waldorf

Waldorf Craft Supplies

Wonderful Joey is back to discuss the beauty of crafting with natural craft supplies. Discovering Waldorf:  The beauty of natural art supplies by:  Joey van Oort I have to say the best part of “discovering Waldorf” for me was making the switch to natural art supplies.  I have loved art supplies since I was a […]

One Family’s Waldorf Experiences :: Discovering Waldorf

I love it when a reader shares her own family’s Waldorf experiences with us. It’s refreshing and motivating to see how others incorporate Waldorf ideas into their homes. Today, Sara shares her Waldorf journey with us. :::::: What is Waldorf for us? For those who know it from afar Waldorf might mean wooden toys, baskets […]

The Magic Of Beautiful Books :: Discovering Waldorf

A List of the Best Waldorf Books Ever -

Discovering Waldorf The Magic Of Waldorf Storybooks by:  Joey van Oort We do not have a Waldorf School close by to enroll our children, however, we have chosen to live a Waldorf lifestyle at home. When my children were born my mother in law introduced us to a few of the Waldorf story books that […]

The Dragonfly Story : Helping Kids Understand Death

The Dragonfly Story : helping kids to understand death on Discovering Waldorf on The Magic Onions Blog

We are very sad. On Saturday, a gentle giant in our small community passed away. It was sudden and unexpected. He leaves behind his beautiful wife and three young children. We held a meditation/prayer meeting at our school last night so that we could come together as a community to grieve, support each other and […]

Discovering Waldorf :: Waldorf Homeschool Tips

Welcome to our Discovering Waldorf Series, where everyday families share their Waldorf thoughts and experiences. Sheila is a Waldorf homeschooling mom of two boys, Grade 1 and Grade 5. She shares her wonderfully honest experiences and tips on how to come to Waldorf Homeschooling with an older child… it’s never too late!   Waldorf Homeschool […]

Discovering Waldorf :: The Waldorf Lifestyle

Autumn Nature Display on Discovering Waldorf Education on The Magic Onions Blog

Welcome to Discovering Waldorf, where everyday families share their Waldorf thoughts and experiences. Today, Joey is here to talk about how she brings Waldorf into her family’s life. :: Discovering Waldorf::  Living and learning about the Waldorf lifestyle by:  Joey van Oort We live over an hour’s drive from the closest Waldorf School so unfortunately […]