The Gift of Unscheduled Time

The Gift Of Unscheduled Time : The Maigc

It is amazing what happens when we allow our children regular, free and unscheduled time… time to ‘just be’. We live in an over-scheduled era and we have a tendency to over-schedule our children’s lives too… soccer, scouts, art classes, piano lessons, playdates and… the list goes on forever. We mean well, of course. We […]

Discovering Waldorf :: On Handwork with Renate Hiller

Handwork in Waldorf Schools - Discovering Waldorf ~

The other day I was feeling anxious and stressed. My temper was short and I found myself snapping unnecessarily at my kids. It was raining and, although I knew I needed a good walk to shake the bad mood, I couldn’t face putting on my coat and braving the cold. So, instead, I nestled into […]

Discovering Waldorf :: Dolls in Early Childhood

(Please feel free to add the above Discovering Waldorf button to your blog. You can do this by saving the above image to your desktop and then adding it to your blog as a Picture Gadget that links to this code: Discovering Waldorf is a weekly series of articles written by ‘everyday’ Waldorf families. The […]

Discovering Waldorf :: Discipline in a Waldorf School

Waldorf Discipline - Discovering Waldorf -

To paraphrase Maple Village School’sAdministrator, Christina Sbarra, parents who have chosen to send their children to Waldorf schools have chosen a unique education, an education with great depth, wisdom, and richness.   By taking up the task of understanding that education more fully, parents can support their child’s (children’s) learning that much more. We need to […]

Discovering Waldorf :: Rhythm

Understanding Rhythm on Discovering Waldorf Education with The Magic Onions Blog

Today, Donna Ashton is here to revisit the importance of rhythm in our days. ::: Why is Rhythm so Important?  by Donna Ashton of The Waldorf Connection Rhythm, rhythm, rhythm. You see this word everywhere, right? In my opinion, it is the foundation of our days and “the” secret to having a happy, smooth running […]

Discovering Waldorf :: The Daily Rhythm in a Waldorf School

My family has been blessed in so many ways. I am constantly thankful for all we have… our lives are rich and deep and full in the most wonderfully simple way.  A big reason for our happiness comes from the beautiful community we have found in our local Waldorf school, Maple Village School. Kitty started […]

Teaching Kids To Knit

Kitty has become quite the knitter. She loves to sit peacefully in a comfy spot and knit quietly. She has knitted herself a hat, a chicken, her dolls a blanket, her animals some scarfs. I find it magical to watch her in her own world while she works with her hands and the lovely wool. […]

The Role of Media in Our Home.

Role of Media in Waldorf Education - Discovering Waldorf -

Some of you have asked questions about the role media plays in our home. Do we watch television, do we watch movies, do we play video games?I feel this is a very touchy subject and am hoping I can share how our family handles media in our home in a non-judgemental and truthful way. Our […]

Discovering Waldorf :: What is a Waldorf School?

What is Waldorf Education - Discovering Waldorf -

Please visit the Maple Village School’s blog to watch a super video profile on Waldorf education, featuring students from early childhood through high school, as well as teachers, parents, prospective parents, and Waldorf-educated college students and adults…What is a Steiner (Waldorf ) School? To read the other interesting Waldorf articles, please visit my Discovering Waldorf […]

Discovering Waldorf – ‘Waldorf and Wonder’

Discovering the Wonder in Waldorf Education with The Magic Onions

 What a treat for us… we have Meredith from A Waldorf Journey here today with an incredibly inspiring article for us.  : : : Waldorf and Wonder   by Meredith Floyd-Preston So many of us are initially drawn to Waldorf Education because of the beauty of the materials, the connection to the natural world, and […]