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Summertime Fun

Today is the summer solstice, 2016. The longest day of the year. It is HOT here in Southern California today. VERY hot! It’s not quite noon yet and the temps are already 97 °F. My phone says that it will get well past 100°F today. This kind of heat is not my favorite.

Today is also the first day of summer vacation. 3 whole months of slow, unscheduled freedom. Yay!

Here are some photos from our last week of school. Teddy was The Father in his school play, St Francis and the Wolf of Gubio. When I asked him to tell me his words, he recited the whole play, thinking with that far-off look he gets when he concentrates.

He felt giddy after the play… all smiles and giggles. I loved seeing the rush of excitement pulse through him and his eyes sparkling.

Kitty’s 6th Grade Report was on Lewis and Clark. She loved going back in time to when living was surviving. And, the fact that we had visited Oregon just a few months ago, which made it all the more real for her to imagine how life was back then. In true Kitty style, she painted a portrait of Sacagawea that is so beautiful. I’m in awe of this talent she has found and nurtured.

Lots of time is spent in the Sunny House cuddling Skat (that’s his new name, our sweet cat).

I’ve been crafting and will soon have another awesome video for you. PS… do you see the pretty felt flowers we made the other day on the mantle in the first photo?

I was looking for a baby shower gift and stumbled upon such a sweet baby shop. Don’t you just LOVE the pompom mobile hanging from the wire of a lampshade?

I found some gorgeous wallpaper. Flowers taped to the wall. You’d feel like you were in Kensington Gardens all day long (I’ve just finished the last season of Downton Abby and am mourning it’s passing. Why stop it now?)

We are finally putting a real kitchen into the Sunny House. We’ve used hutches and stand-alone cabinets until now, which we have loved, but, as big changes are afoot and the Sunny House will soon have new people to love her, we feel she needs to be all perfect and finished. Can you believe how many boxes it will take to give the Sunny House the kitchen she deserves! I’ll show you a photo when it’s all done.

Hope you are having a lovey first week of summer too, with lots of fun, sun and happy times.

The Magic Onions Blog The Magic Onions Blog The Magic Onions Blog The Magic Onions Blog The Magic Onions Blog The Magic Onions Blog The Magic Onions Blog The Magic Onions Blog The Magic Onions Blog

Blessings and magic,


feeding the pigs : www.theMagicOniosn.com

Giving Thanks

Are you wearing a red poppy today? I am.

Here’s my granddad, Norman, and me when I was a baby. I loved to feed his pigs with him.


feeding the pigs : www.theMagicOniosn.com


He was a prisoner of war in WW2… for FOUR years. I think of him and my other granddad, North Wells, who also fought in WW2, on Veterans Day.


I often think of the countless times both of them could have died and how all of this that I have now, all of these beautiful moments I’ve had the joy of having, wouldn’t have been at all.


I’ve written about Norman’s amazing survival story here.


Two things more I’ve gleaned over the years. Norman was a prize mole-catcher in the prison camp. He would wait patiently for the mole to emerge from his hole. Sometimes for hours, sometimes for days. And when the mole did poke out his head, Norman would pounce on him like a cat. The other prisoners would cheer quietly as Norman stuffed his prize catch into his pocket, knowing that their meal that night would include a little protein that was sure to keep them all alive just a little bit longer.


Towards the end of his internment, Norman had the good fortune of being chosen to drive the Commandant’s car as a chauffeur. The Commandant acquired a new Bently car and, as Norman’s dad back in the UK owned a Bently too, Norman convinced the Commandant that he was a Bently expert. This good fortune gave Norman the hope he needed to carry on in the worst of circumstances as he, at last, felt like he could contribute to the war effort, even while being a prisoner of war. His contribution was to make the Commandant just-a-little-bit-late for each and every appointment. Just-a-little-bit-frustrated, just-a-little-bit-defeated.


Norman seldom talked about his years as a prisoner of war but when he did, he told these two stories with pride.


So, in so many ways, thank you to all those brave people who fought and died so that I could be right in this very place at this very moment. My gratitude transcends time and space and touches you, wherever you are.


Blessings and magic,


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photo of my simple, nature inspired decor

Treasures and Memories.

Here are the special things in my room.


Photo of a shabby chic coffee mugphoto of a sheepskin throwfelted flowers photobeeswax bowl photomini clay housesminiature clay houses photophoto of my paper-mache deer mountphoto of my shabby chic dresserRustic Chair photo with a knitted blanket
photo of my ceramic cat


My coffee mug. It’s the only one I use. No other will do… it has to be THIS one, always. That’s because it makes the most delicious coffee… the measurements of coffee and sugar using my special spoon are absolutely perfect for the volume of the mug. Call me crazy but I can’t do without this mug… or spoon.

I have my comfy armchair where I often sit and read in the afternoon warmth. It’s a cozy and calming place that gives me a little respite when I need to check out for a moment or two.

On the windowsill, is a photo of my two beautiful children when they were still little. Oh gosh, my heart melts remembering them as they were then. And two little silver trophies from my riding days. Both were won by me and my most delightful pony, Mr Sunrise, when I was a child. They are inscribed with my name and Mr Sunrise, Champion Pony.

The feather butterflies in the felt blooms were the same butterflies I wore in my hair on the day I married My Good Man. I remember that special day whenever I see them. Of course, the memory makes me so happy.

There’s a photo on the windowsill of me and My Good Man when we were younger. We look so sweet and innocent.

Next to this is the beeswax bowl my children and I made many years ago. We made it using two bowls for molds, cling wrap and pressed autumn leaves. When the candle is alight inside it, it sends a golden glow into the room. I love it so so so much.

And, of course, my collection little clay houses. You’ve seen these before but I know you are not sad to see them again. They are quite the most delightful little things, aren’t they?!

I have a white paper mache deer mount on my wall.

I adore my old distressed dresser found at a garage sale. My Good Man constantly asks me to throw it out as it attracts termites (his worst insect in the world) and often has little mounds of termite dust beneath it. I manage to get rid of them for periods of time but they always seem to find their way back. One day it will quite literally collapse to the floor in a heap… but, until then, I’ll continue battling the termites.

I have a little rustic vintage chair in the corner. It has wonderful scratches and scuffs on it that help me imagine the stories it could tell. It’s especially special to me as it is an heirloom passed on to me by my good friend. I love knowing that my family is deeply connected to their family through this little chair.

And then my ceramic cat and My Good Man’s rosary that sit on our bedside table. My cat was a gift from my mom for my 16 birthday. A funny gift for a 16 year old, isn’t it?. And a very funny thing to hold onto for all this time. All the more strange because it has traveled the globe with me, without sustaining not even one single chip or crack. A few years ago, I knocked it off the table and, can you believe, I caught it again before it hit the ground and shattered into a thousand pieces! It reminds me of my beautiful childhood and the love my family envelops me with, each and every day, always and always. And the rosary. It has 59 beautiful gemstone beads.It belongs to My Good Man. Before that, it belonged to his mom and before that, to his grandmother and before that, his great grandmother who was a pioneer in New Zealand. Oh, the prayers it must have heard and the solace it must have given.

Now, excuse me… I’m off to sit in my comfy armchair.

Blessings and magic,


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