California Dreaming

We had a glorious morning surfing. We got to the beach early when our shadows were long and the gulls were warming their cold night feathers in the early morning glow from the sun. The new sky was impossibly blue and the water was warm and inviting. Kitty is a cautious surfer and prefers not […]

Hot Summer Days

Summer seems to be going by so fast. Kitty’s been painting. She loves the softness of watercolors. She painted the bison for her granny but I am having a hard time letting her post it off to Australia. It’s a memory from our Yellowstone trip last summer and I so want to frame it for […]

Sunrise Surfing

Teddy has recently discovered that he is a surfer! We wake up before the sun and set off to the beach. The oranges and pinks of the sunrise sky is breathtaking. As we walk over the sand to where the waves break, we watch the sun breaking the day orange through the palm trees. The […]