Come and see some Fairy Gardens!

It is so exciting to open my email and find yet another entry into the Fairy Garden Competition. I smile when I envision the imaginative play that is going on in your gardens. How utterly wonderful. Here are some of the Fairy Gardens… each fantastic garden has a link for you to see more of […]

The Annual Fairy Garden Competition – 2010.

I am so excited to introduce the 2010 Fairy Garden Competition. The competition debuted last year. So many of you sent in photos of your magical gardens and it was truly a delight to see the creative and imaginative ideas you and your children came up with. To enter this year’s competition, send in a […]

How to make a Fairy’s Bath.

“The group of fairies skipped merrily through the nasturtium patch, happy in their sunrise task. Early morning was the best time for collecting dewdrops for the Fairy Queen’s bath. This was Daphne’s favourite chore. Daphne was in charge of blessing each pearly droplet with a magical spell before it was funnelled down the huge green […]

Sunday’s Link.

Please take a look at this enchanting garden. Here is the link to The Magical Fairy and Gnome Garden Challenge and Giveaway if you want to find out more. Enter to not only win some magical goodies, but also spark the imagination of your kids. Blessings and magic.

How to Make Fairy Furniture… a Chair and a Table.

K decided that she needed a table and chair, fairy size, for her new Fairy Garden. Magical Mommy was on the job. We needed; A few pebbles of different shapes and sizes (from Home Depot), A glue gun. If you are enjoying this tutorial, Please sign up to receive delightful Fairy Garden tips and special […]

How to make a Fairy Garden that Children will Love.

Here at The Magic Onions, we LOVE Fairy Gardens. It has become our annual tradition to make a new Fairy Garden each Spring. We have an AMAZING Fairy Garden Page… be sure to visit it later to see all the magical Fairy Gardens we have made over the years.   How To Make A Fairy […]