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Roadtrippin’ to RISD

It’s Spring Break. And I’m so happy to report that Spring has finally sprung! At this moment, I’m actually sitting in a ray of sunshine and the warmth seeping into my body feels sooooo goooood! Yay!! A couple of days ago, Kitty and I decided to throw caution to the wind and set out onIf you want to read more…click here

Waiting For Something Increases It’s Value

It snowed yesterday and everything is once again covered in a blanket of powder-white snow. It’s magnificent. I seriously can’t get over how beautiful it is. I walk out over the squeaking snow and smile with joy, thinking to myself how lucky I am to be here in this very spot at this very time.If you want to read more…click here

To my Mom.

  To my mom. Happy Mother’s Day to the most amazing person I know. You are an inspiration, Mom. You make the most of everything you do. You have such an open heart to all life has to offer. It’ s a joy to be with you. Thank you for making the long journey toIf you want to read more…click here

In Gratutude (and Happiness)

I’ve been listening to Ted Talks while I work. Wow!! There are some incredible people in this glorious world. I have learned SO much! Here’s something BIG… the more grateful you are, the happier you will be.     You would think it was the other way around, wouldn’t you… that you become grateful becauseIf you want to read more…click here

Days of Wonder

Kitty received a wonderful book from her Godfather for Christmas. It’s called “365 Days of Wonder”. Each day a new quote for us to read to each other and ponder. We’ve come to the conclusion that it’s right… there are indeed 365 days of wonder in the year and that little daily things are, inIf you want to read more…click here

Coming out from behind the lens.

It’s my birthday. I’m 42 today. I’m so excited about the gift  I’m giving to myself… I’m making a BIG change on The Magic Onions in honor of 42 beautiful years on this magical earth. I’m coming out from behind the lens. I wrote my very first blog post on January 01, 2009. I’ve hadIf you want to read more…click here

Every day, all day… and all night, I am a mother

It was bedtime. I lay with him in his bed. He likes to feel the comfort of having us near when he winds down for sleep. I heard his breathing slow and knew he was ready for dreamland. I kissed him goodnight and told him that I loved him. I left his room and, asIf you want to read more…click here

Teddy Bear :: A Letter on your 6th Birthday

To my Beautiful Teddy Bear, my May Day boy. Today you are 6! How time with you has flown by. I remember, like it was yesterday, holding your warm little body in my arms on that first day I met you. I watched your face become beautiful, your little nose, your sweet blue eyes, imprintedIf you want to read more…click here

A Mother’s Love : Birthday Letter on Kitty’s 6th Birthday

My little girl celebrated her 7th Birthday at school today. Waldorf schools have a special birthday circle celebration for each child on his or her birthday but as Kitty turned 7 while we were in South Africa, today was her special day. The birthday girl sits on the special birthday chair at the head ofIf you want to read more…click here

A Family Wedding.

Thank you all so much for the love and happiness so many of you sent me over the past few weeks. My brothers wedding was beautiful beyond imagination. It was a coming together of two very special people, celebrated with everyone they hold dear, in a family setting of amazing beauty. James and Michele wereIf you want to read more…click here

We are a whirlwind.

This is one of my favorite family photographs. It was taken on our last trip to South Africa for Christmas 2007. In the photo we are at the seaside town of Kromme, where I spent most of my childhood summers. Teddy was 7 months old… Kitty turned 4 when we were there. I remember thisIf you want to read more…click here


I must record this story of Teddy’s. It is one of those little family anecdotes that you think is so precious you’ll never forget it. Yet, when I try to remember something similar that Kitty did, all I get is a hazy fog of memories just beyond my grasp. The whisper of time soon becomesIf you want to read more…click here

The Twice Caught Fish.

T and K, in this photo I am 7 and my brother, Ali, is 4. It was taken on a family fishing holiday at St Lucia Bay in Northern Natal, South Africa. We fished for days. Before setting out each day, we’d buy a few containers of prawns to use as bait from the little,If you want to read more…click here