Friday’s Nature Table

You are most welcome to share this great resource on your own blogs… (save the above Friday’s Nature Table button to your desktop and then add it to your blog as a picture gadget linking to this code… Welcome, Friends. I want to thank you all for the wonderfully inspiring links you share here […]

A Flea Market Junkie

I am a Flea Market junkie! I am in ecstasy when meandering through the rows upon rows of what my darling husband calls ‘somebody elses junk’. To me, it’s not junk at all, it’s pure treasure! Poor Mr Magic Onions gets utterly bored after about 6 minutes! The only hope I have of dragging him […]

Pretty Waldorf Lunch Containers

Finding pretty school lunch containers and drinking bottles for a Waldorf school is always such a struggle. Most Waldorf schools ask that the kids not bring any items that have ‘characters’ on them… no disney, no Dora, no Star Wars.  To narrow our choices even further, I am one who has bought into the ‘plastic-is-dangerous’ […]

Discovering Waldorf ::: Celebrating Autumn

Celebrating Autumn - Discovering Waldorf -

I wanted today’s Discovering Waldorf article to be a celebration of Autumn but realized that I couldn’t say it any better than this post from the archives… Discovering Waldorf ::: Celebrating Autumn. Besides, I’m sure you are missing the wonderful Twig and Toadstool as much as I am and will delight in reading Maureen’s words […]

How to make an Autum Leaf Mobile

It’s so exciting! Autumn is here… the days are cooling down, the acorns are falling from the oak trees and all of the leaves are starting to change into their brilliant yellow, orange and red gowns. The colors of Autumn are so rich and warm, it’s hard to believe that they lead us into the […]

Delicious Apple Crumble

 Autumn is apple season. We so enjoy passing the apple trees in the yards and seeing them drooping with crisp, juicy apples. Sometimes, if the tree is particularly laden and within reach, we ‘borrow’ an apple or two. There is something magical about eating fruit that you have just picked. The apple can be tart […]

Friday’s Nature Table

 Fairyfolk Needle Felting Kits – I am so excited to share another tutorial on needle felting. One of the things I love most about needle felting is that you can finish a project in one sitting. You can sit down with a basket of wool and a needle be holding a few beautiful  felted […]

Carrots for Fairies.

Sign up for my newsletter to receive Fairy Garden tips, tutorials and new features : * indicates required Email Address *  We are still working on our fairy garden and the kids are adding little treasures to it daily. Our newest additions are a set of clay carrots for the fairies and gnomes to tend […]

A Peek Inside My Studio

Felting Studio :

When I first started my business, I had no idea that it would take on a life of it’s own. I needle felted at night when my children went to bed, sitting on a pillow on the living room floor. I soon took over the TV armoire (the TV having been relegated to the garage […]

Summer Camping

On utter impulse, on New Year’s Day 2010, Matthew and I bought an RV. Until the moment of seeing it advertised on the side of the road that day, neither of us have even entertained the thought of owning one. We saw the ‘For Sale’ sign on it, called the number listed and bought it, […]