Second Place Winner :: Fairy Garden Contest :: 2013

And, in second place, we have this utterly charming fairy garden made by Shanti and her kids from Twig and Toadstool. It’s ENCHANTING! There’s no doubt in my mind that when the lights go out at night in Shanti’s home, little fairy lights come on in this garden and the fairies revel the night away […]

Friday’s Nature Table

Welcome to Friday’s Nature Table where we link up to share our nature-inspired posts and creations. First of all… have you seen this amazing raffle for our Maple Village School fundraiser? Buy a ticket for $5 and you can win these AMAZING handmade treasures… Have a look HERE for more info… and please help us […]

Discovering Waldorf :: Why No Homework in Waldorf Schools?

Why Waldorf Schools don't have homework

Most Waldorf Schools do not ask their students to do any homework at all in Kindergarten and the early Grades. When my children come home from school they can play outside, climb a tree, read a book. My heart breaks when I see the crazy amounts of homework my friends children (who are in our […]

Discovering Waldorf :: Can Play Get Your Child into University?

Play Based Education - Discovering Waldorf ~

“Parents, educators, psychologists, neuroscientists, and politicians generally fall into one of two camps when it comes to preparing very young children for school: play-based or skills-based. These two kinds of curricula are often pitted against one another as a zero-sum game: If you want to protect your daughter’s childhood, so the argument goes, choose a […]

Discovering Waldorf :: On Handwork with Renate Hiller

Handwork in Waldorf Schools - Discovering Waldorf ~

The other day I was feeling anxious and stressed. My temper was short and I found myself snapping unnecessarily at my kids. It was raining and, although I knew I needed a good walk to shake the bad mood, I couldn’t face putting on my coat and braving the cold. So, instead, I nestled into […]

Discovering Waldorf :: Propositions of Play

Play in Waldorf Education - Discovering Waldorf ~

I know we talk about the importance of play a lot here on Discovering Waldorf and here it is again.  I thought this article had a very interesting take on the benefits of play throughout the ages. I particularly loved these two sentences … “Play, then, is about process, not product.  It has no goal […]

Friday’s Nature Table

Welcome to Friday’s Nature Table. I want to thank you all for the wonderfully inspiring links you share here each week. Everyone is welcome to share what they have been up to in nature, with nature, for nature and even, with nature in mind Kitty, Teddy and I go through your links each week and […]

What Have We Been Up To?

Needle Felted Christmas Ornaments -

Lovely December… packed full of so many festive activities. We have been crafting up a storm to fill our Christmas tree with handmade ornaments. And, we have been enjoying the warmth of the fire and the calm of the pale winter sunlight. Here are a few photos of some moments from our December days… Kitty […]