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Mermaids and the Smell of the Sea

We had the great honor of watching two beautiful souls join their lives together on the pier over the ocean at Hermosa Beach, CA. It was a magnificently wild day, with grey clouds, silver seas and rain that pelted down upon us as the ceremony drew to a close. We regarded this opening of theIf you want to read more…click here

Fairyfolk Weddings

Did you know that I make wedding decorations? I have an Etsy shop called Fairyfolk Weddings. There’s something so utterly magical knowing that this-little-thing-I-am-making is going to be a part of someones most special of days. I can’t help but flood extra love into something that a bride, or flower girl, is going to beIf you want to read more…click here

Wedding Shoes.

One of my favorite things at my brother’s recent wedding was seeing all of the beautiful shoes. Oh my! To be honest, I’ve never been much of a shoe person… I kind of have to admit to wearing the same pair of shoes on most days… in fact, I only own about 6 pairs ofIf you want to read more…click here

Beautiful Wedding Readings

I promised to share the reading I chose for my brother’s wedding. It was just perfect for what I wanted to wish for them. I asked them to face each other and hold hands. Thank you for helping me find it. “Blessing of the Hands” “These are the hands of your best friend, young andIf you want to read more…click here

A Family Wedding.

Thank you all so much for the love and happiness so many of you sent me over the past few weeks. My brothers wedding was beautiful beyond imagination. It was a coming together of two very special people, celebrated with everyone they hold dear, in a family setting of amazing beauty. James and Michele wereIf you want to read more…click here


Hi my dear friends… I’m sooooooo hoping for your help here… my beloved ‘little’ brother is getting married on a beautiful vineyard in Cape Town in a few weeks time… to the most sweetest, kindest, beautiful girl you can imagine. Yay!!!! I’m so excited for her to join our family. I feel utterly honored toIf you want to read more…click here