Handmade Chirstmas Gifts :: Painted Peg People

Pin It Kitty and Teddy are each getting a set of themselves for Christmas this year. It’s sweet (and funny) how they often play ‘brother and sister’ and now they can play ‘brother and sister’ with their new peg gnomes. I made them using the little peg people forms you can get at any craft […]

Living the Millionaire Life

The Enchanted Cupboard was one of my very first sponsors and I am very happy that Beccijo has been with me for almost two years. It was love at first sight when I first saw her magical wooden toys. I have so enjoyed watching her shop grow and her creativity explode… oh my… her shop […]

How to restore a grotty wooden bowl.

I have a penchant for old wooden bowls. I search for them everywhere; estate sales, junk yards, garage sales… I even found one in the trash a few months ago! Why, you might ask… look how horrid they look, all dirty and moldy and grimy. Yuck, you would say if you were my husband.Just wait, […]