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Make a yarn pom pom chick : www.theMagicOnions.com

An Easy Yarn Chic for Easter

Teddy complained that he was bored. Do you want to make something, I asked. Yes, he replied. What, I asked. A chick, he decided.


So, out came my yellow yarn. I had been saving it for a particular knitting project but, oh well…

… better to have a happy boy than an unused skein of yellow yarn!


Yarn Chick PomPom Craft for Kids :: www.theMagicOnions.com


We began by making a simple pom pom. The quickest way to make a pom pom is to wrap the yarn around your hand like this…


Wrap and wrap and wrap, until you have quite a thick wrapping of yarn around your hand.


Carefully pass a piece of separate yarn through the center of your wrapped yarn on your hand and gently pull the yarn-stack off your hand… like this…


With the separate piece of yarn you have just threaded through the center of your yarn-stack, tie the stack tight and knot it tightly.


Then use sharp scissors to cut the opposite end of your yarn stack by inserting your scissors into the center.


You now have a big fluffy yarn moustache and your little boy can put it to his top lip and play silly-man for a while.


When your little man is ready for you to trim the moustache into a nice fluffy ball, use your scissors to shape it into a round pom pom shape. Don’t be shy to cut the yarn quite short.


With glue, stick a pair of googly eyes and a felt beak (found at any craft store) onto the pom pom and, like magic and to the gasp of your amazed little man, your yarn pom pom will amazingly transform into a little chick!


The experience of turning a skein of yarn into an adorably fluffy yellow chick will, quite literally, make your little boy shine with magic! Look…



Happy Easter Crafting,

Blessings and magic,