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Many Waldorf philosophies resonate with us but I think the one that is closest to our hearts is the active nurturing of creativity. Children are encouraged to be creative and imaginative beings.  Creative, artistic and musical talent is regarded as highly as is academic talent. Kindergarten children do not learn to read or write. Instead they learn to paint and sew and play. And they learn through painting and sewing and playing. My daughter is now in Fourth Grade and is an avid reader. She is also learning two foreign languages, she is playing the flute and violin, she recites poems, sings songs and narrates stories, she knits, she sews, she weaves, she paints, she dances, she cooks… all through the everyday Waldorf curriculum. Through all of this, she is still very much a child. She is not being rushed through childhood. We love that. The Waldorf mantra is ‘Head, heart and hands’… teaching targets those three aspects of the child equally.

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