Portraits of Summer

I love this part of the summer vacation. Two months down and one to go and we have finally settled into our summer rhythm, at last! We’ve been through so many phases… the ‘there’s NOTHING to do‘ phase, the ‘begging to play games on the phone‘ phase and the ‘who is coming to play today?’ […]


Teddy and I have been having some fun with my camera… and the couch!   What crazy things have you and your little ones been up to on these fun summer days? Blessings and magic, Donni

Portraits of Us : 3


A memory from this week… An early morning moment together. Kitty reading to Teddy in front of the warm, morning fire.   ( ps – I do so love my felted Valentine’s Day garland from The Magic Onions Shop). Here’s to these happy, special days… every one of them. Here are the previous Portraits of Us. […]