I used to complain bitterly about living in our concrete jungle. I used to lament that every tree I saw had been planted in the last 20 years and was of the fast growing type, chosen so that we could pretend. No wise old trees to seek wisdom from… no gnarled grandfathers to seek solace under.
Then I had my epiphany, which I have written about here, and I realized that beauty is all around me… I have to work harder to get it, but there it is… out my window… at the end of a 45 minute drive… through the gates that I’ve paid $7 to enter. There it is, all around me! We just have to make finding it a priority. Once I understood this, my whole world opened up. We have found jewels of wonder in our concrete jungle!

On Sunday we went one of our most famous and favorite jewels, Descanso Gardens. It is a marvel, especially in this, my favorite, season, Spring.

And would you believe, we were there just in time to see the flower fairies leaving for their Spring Ball. They were dressed in their prettiest gowns and we could hardly choose who we thought most beautiful…
Was it Blue Hibiscus, in her soft silver-blue gown?

Or dainty little Whitebelle in her white and green?

Was it Daffy Down Dilly in her orange petticote and yellow frills?

Was it Rose, in her dusky pink skirt?

Or Blue Elf in his Easter tunic?

Was it Bottle Brush Fairy, in her wispy silken fronds?

Or Dowager in her long elegant gown?

Or was it her, with her layers of frills?

Was it Red Berry Elf, muscular and handsome in his red suit?

Or was it Goblin?

After much debate, we all settled on our own winners…
Mr T’s was, of course, Goblin.
K thought Blue Hibiscus was prettiest.
A Good Man settled on Rose, as who can love a flower above a rose?
And mine? I chose Daffy Down Dilly… My beloved grandmother was called Daphne and I feel her presence in the air I breathe when daffodils are near.


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14 Responses

  1. I also like the Blue Hibiscus, although that Easter Tunic-wearing Blue Elf is mighty handsome as well. Thanks for sharing the spring beauty with us.

  2. Beautiful post. My favorite is blue elf too. But my favorite flower is jasmine because it smells so nice. Of course, I love rose and they smell wonderful as well.

  3. Ooohhh…my fave was the Whitebelle. What a pretty post. And so wise of you to seek beauty in even hard to find places.

    I love your blog… :)

  4. What beautiful photo’s you’ve taken…so good to get out and find all that natural beauty. I have to ask…what is the goblin? I’ve seen it around in photo’s quite often….I think it is one of my favourites.

  5. I loved this! Those daffodils are just gorgeous, I haven’t seen any like those here in UK. I can connect with what you said about your grandmother and daffodils. I feel so close to my grandmother when I see magnolias.

  6. Beautiful! I’m feeling dumb that I lived in the L.A. area for 35 years and never once went to Descanso Gardens. Maybe I’ll have to rectify that next time I’m outt here!

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