How to make a pendant from Sea Glass.

Sea Glass is our present beach obsession… we walk along the surf for hours in the early morning, searching for these frosty treasures. They come in all shapes and sizes; green’s, aqua’s, brown’s, white’s… Our collection has outgrown it’s tea cup and now is quickly filling it’s bucket.

A Good Man recently asked what I was going to do with my Sea Glass treasure. Alas, I had no answer… I had been collecting it for the joy of finding something. But his question got me thinking how I could put our sea-treasure to use.

Colorful Frosty Sea Glass

Sea Glass jewelry is one idea. We decided to make a pendant.
All we needed was our Sea Glass, thin, bendy wire and our pliers.

Supplies needed to make Sea Glass JewelryI cut a bit more than an arms length of wire with my pliers. I used the rasp on the pliers to file the ends of the wire so that they could not hurt me.
Then I wrapped the Sea Glass tightly with the wire.
Making Sea Glass JewelryI finished it by making a hoop where the chain would thread and twisted it for strength.
Voila! A Sea Glass pendant, in all of 10 minutes!
Beautiful Sea Glass PendantI wore it all day and K remarked a few times how pretty it looked.
Me wearing my frosty sea glass pendantBeware any friends who’s birthdays are coming up… guess what I’m going to make for you?
Blessings and magic.


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28 Responses

  1. Sarah, yes… I do think it would work with stones, you just need to ‘hug’ the stone in the right places with the wire.
    Stephanie… happy searching tomorrow… I hope you find LOTS of sea glass treasure… we are going to the one place within a 100 miles that has an old English Oak… I’m searching for acorn caps!
    Blessings and magic.

  2. Oh yours came out beautifully!!
    I make alot of jewelry and we also wire wrapped our sea glass! : )
    Happy to see yours, the whole process from start to finish is so fun!

  3. We make sea glass earrings this way. The girls also like to take copper jewelry wire and hammer it flat. It looks pretty wrapped around stones.

  4. Simple and beautiful. Despite my love of shells and pebbles, sea glass has to be top of the beach treasure hit list doesn’t it? Do you know if there are any ways to drill it?

  5. Lovely, we have made a wall hanging with wrapped sea glass, shells, pebbles and some pottery that we made. I love Sarah’s idea of using the copper jewelry wire as well.

  6. I have been collecting sea glass for two decades and have quite a collection, but I’ve never quite known what to do with it. Sea glass pendants for all my girlfriends for Christmas is a GREAT idea!

  7. Oh, I must make this!! I have a collection of sea glass and I would love to actually be able to wear some. I think it is simply beautiful. Thank you for showing how to make the pendant.

  8. I love your necklace! I live in Australia and have grown up on the beach all my life but have never ever seen ‘sea glass’ before.

  9. I am part of the stitchMAP Yahoo group and I heard about the silk scarf egg craft. I can’t wait to try it. Thanks for bringing this to the on-line world! Michele P.

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