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This Nest is Best.

Please enjoy a post from last Spring…
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We have been watching the birds building their nests. We see them dashing around with little twigs and sticks in their beaks and we hope, with all our might, that one might choose our tree next to the deck as the perfect spot for a nest. It is in such a good spot for a nest as we would be able to watch all the goings on with great enthusiasm. We know that the mommy bird chooses where the nest will be as we one of our favourite books is ‘The Best Nest’ by PD Eastman.
I like this page in particular as the little mommy bird reminds me of… myslef!We love to say together, ‘I love my house, I love my nest. In all the world, This nest is best.’

However, no bird has chosen our tree yet. So we decided to make our own nest to put in the tree and hope a mommy bird decides it’s just too good a nest to pass over.
We collected wool, or in this case, Alpaca fiber, given to us by a friend as it contained too much vegetable matter to be of any use to her. Perfect, as it turns out, for a nest! We also needed a big bowl of hot, soapy water and a smaller bowl to shape and felt the nest in.
We put the wool into the small bowl, added some of the hot, soapy water and kneaded. We kneaded and kneaded and kneaded, adding hot water all the while, until the fiber started to fasten together. We shaped it into the shape of the bowl.
When it was well felted, we realised that it would be a smaller nest than planned and so transferred it into a smaller bowl… and then a cupcake holder, squeezing the water out of it as we moulded it to she shape of the holder. We left it over night to dry.
And this morning… a soft, cozy hummingbirds nest!
We put it in the chosen tree where it looks too cute. It is really very well placed as the pine cone feeder is just above it (don’t tell K or T that hummingbirds don’t eat seeds…)

So, if anyone knows of a mommy hummingbird who is looking for the best nest, point her in our direction, would you please…
* * *
Blessing and magic!
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  1. Sweet little nest! love, Beth

  2. Love it!

  3. definitely looks like a wonderful project!

  4. We love this book and sing that song often as well! I love your little nest.

  5. very cute idea. :)

  6. I’m so glad you were able to use my leftover fiber! It’s adorable!
    Carin (

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