The little village on the coast where we stayed when we were in South Africa recently was gorgeously vintage inspired. All of the little shops were filled with sweet rustic treasures or handmade art. One shop in particular was brimming with glorious curiosities made entirely from driftwood… oh, the things one can make! A popular theme in most of the shops was hearts. There were shabby chic white wooden hearts, distressed driftwood hearts and, my favorite, wire hearts. There were wire hearts made from chicken wire, wire hearts spray painted white, old rusty hearts, some even made from barbed wire… they were too delightful in their variety. Kitty and I decided, there and then, that we would make some wire hearts to hang from our chandelier for Valentines Day. Aren’t they just too wonderfully dainty?

To make our hearts, we needed:
* thin wire that is easy to bend and work with
* pliers (or if you cant find yours, scissors that you reserve for when you cant find your pliers)
* ribbon

We started by cutting 2, 1 yard lengths of wire.
We wound one piece of the wire around the other.

Our wire was wonderfully bendy and Kitty had no trouble at all with winding her wires together. At one stage she was working so quickly that I did have to remind her to mind her eyes (I am deathly scared of eyes!)

Around and around and around we wound…

Until our wires were all wound up!

Then we cut the long wound up strand of wire in half… giving us two half yard lengths of wound up wire.

We connected the two ends of each half yard wire to form a circle.

And then bent the circle into a heart shape.

We cut lengths of ribbon and hung our hearts from our chandelier… the really do look delightful.

Happy Valentine crafting,
Blessings and magic,


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  1. So lovely. Sigh. My 4 year old and I will surely be making these hearts.

    I love Valentine’s Day. What a great day to be mindful, slow down, appreciate love, and give love to others. Of course, we should do this every day…

    Speaking of appreciation…I love your blog. Thank you for the wonderful pictures and interesting posts.

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