Fairy Garden Contest 2012 winner spotlight :: Quiet Domesticity.We all adored this Fairy Garden, but Kitty in particular was drawn to the gorgeous colors that radiate from this garden. “Oh, Mom,” she gasped, “That’s where the Rainbow Fairies live!”

Isn’t that birch bark ‘Welcome’ sign something?? It made me want one just like it for in front of the Sunny House.

And, who would want a white picket fence after seeing a rainbow one?

Logs in the log pile, ready for a warm winter’s fire.

And a pet ladybird swinging on the porch swing!

A rainbow felt garland… how wonderfully festive.

And Mr and Mrs Rainbow eating rainbow food in the garden!!!

“Yes,” I replied to Kitty. “It’s definitely where the Rainbow Fairies live”.

Congrats Rainbow Fairies on winning our 2012 Fairy Garden Contest. Here is what you have won ::

Three adorable little felted mice from MudHollow.

Here’s a link to see the Fairy Garden from last week’s Winner Spotlight.

Here is a link to see the other winners of the 2012 Fairy Garden Contest.
And here is a link to the Fairy Garden Page where you can find lots of Fairy Garden inspiration. And, if you are thinking about making a Fairy Garden of your own, visit one of my Magic Sponsors, Enviro-Cakes, to see the amazing goodies they have for Fairy Gardens.

Be sure to tune in next week for another Fairy Garden Spotlight.

Blessings and magic,

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    1. Hi Diane,
      Your Fairy Garden sound fabulous and I can’t wait to see it… yay!!
      The Fairy Garden contest will open Monday April 1st.
      We have some seriously fun Fairy Garden ideas in store :-)
      Blessings and magic,

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