Our favorite beach to visit in Southern California is called Crystal Cove (isn’t that a magical name!)

It’s just before Laguna Beach and one of the best things about it is that it is relatively deserted. It’s hard to find a place in Southern California that isn’t teaming with people… especially a beach. But, Crystal Cove is hardly ever crowded and, sometimes, if we go early enough, we are the only people there.

We have decided that the reason why it is not popular with the masses is because you have to park above the cliffs and walk down to the beach, which is about a 15 minute walk. We love this walk through the natural habitat but we suspect that many others think it’s not worth the magic below. And we must admit that the walk back up to our car, after a fun and energetic day on the beach, is quite an effort. We’ve all decided that if it’s the price we pay for a deserted magical place, we’ll gladly make the climb.

The sand is clean, the water is cool and there are wonderful treasures to be found on the shore. But the best thing about Crystal Cove are the rock pools. They are full of wonderful sea life… urchins and small fish and anemones  and a young girl and boy can spend hours playing in them.

And it’s beautiful too. A mom and dad can relax and unwind and realize how lucky they are to live in such a splendid world

Crystal Cove State Park PhotoSea photo at Crystal Cove State ParkSeagull photo at Crystal Cove BeachWaves at The Crystal Cove Beach photoWalking on the rocks at Crystal Cove beach photoRock pools at Crystal Cove Beach teaming with life photoswimming in the rock pools at Crystal Cove beach photobeach and cliffs at the Crystal Cove beachSea birds at Crystal Cove Beach photoPelicans flying in formation photoBuilding a sandcastle photo



We leave Crystal Cove happy and tired and refreshed with nature.

Do you have a favorite beach?

Blessings and magic,


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