How to make Miniature tools for your Zen Garden.

I promised to show you how we made our Zen Garden tools.

Supplies needed to make zen garden tools

We needed our trusty glue gun, our garden scissors, some sticks and twigs, an acorn cap and a shell.

First, the rake. I used my garden scissors to cut a twig for the handle, a smaller twig for the rakes head and 5 tiny twigs for the rakes teeth.

With my glue gun, I stuck the head of the rake to the handle…
Then I stuck the 5 teeth to the head and…
Voila! The rake was complete.
Miniature rake for our miniature zen garden
Then for the acorn scooper…
I used my good ‘ol glue gun to stick the acorn head to the stick handle… Now this must be the cutest little Zen Garden tool ever! It scoops sand wonderfully and makes lovely moon shapes in the sand scape.
acorn scooper for our zen garden
Now for the shell spade…

My friend the glue gun once again did his magic by sticking the shell to the driftwood handle.
Zen, isn’t it?!
sea shell spade for our miniature zen gardenSo here they are, the twig rake, the acorn scooper and the shell spade. All have been played with endlessly in our Miniature Zen Garden which you can see here.

miniature tools for our miniature zen garden

Blessings and magic.


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17 Responses

  1. :)
    That made me smile when I saw yesterday your post “zen garden”.
    I was actually thinking of making a rake… but I didn’t make it as far as “aah…sticks!”
    Can’t wait ’til things quiet down around here and I can get my room in order for the winter, and make my zen garden. :)

  2. Thank you for posting this!

    All of your projects are so lovely and precious. I am especially glad i stumbled across this one- I have been looking for months for a miniature rake and it hadn’t occurred to my non-crafty self that I could make one! XD Thanks =)

  3. Hahaha, it’s as if the trusty glue gun and the all-around garden scissors are a match made in heaven. Yeah, the tools there in the miniature garden made the whole thing more “zen” indeed. The wonders of the glue gun, right?

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