When we go for our daily walks, we always take a basket for our special finds. Lately, it has been all kinds and colors of Autumn leaves.

Today, we preserved our favorites, dipping them in melted beeswax. Aren’t they beautiful…

To preserve leaves in beeswax, you will need;
*Beeswax (buy online or at craft stores. I carry these beeswax blocks in my shop, Fairyfolk)
* Collected Leaves with stems
* A bowl
* A plastic bag.

Put the plastic bag inside the bowl. you will pour the melted beeswax into the plastic lined bowl. The plastic will prevent your bowl from being ruined by the wax. When you are finished, all you do is let the leftover wax in the plastic bag cool. When it is cold, it comes away from the plastic easily and can be reused for another beeswax craft.

Melt the beeswax using a homemade bain-marie and pour the melted wax in to the plastic lined bowl.

Hold each leaf by it’s stem and carefully dip it into the beeswax. Submerge each leaf fully.

Lay the wax coated leaves on waxpaper to cool.

Voila! You have beautifully preserved your Autumn leaves to enjoy long after the trees outside are bare and the snow is like a blanket of white across the lawn.

In preparation for Michaelmas,
Blessings and magic to you,

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  1. Great! I was wanting to preserve some leaves this year. I have a crock that I use for my beeswax. I got it at a re-sale shop. When we need wax I plug it in and let it melt. Then when we are done. I unplug let it cool then store it away.

  2. we love doing this! our leaves have only just started to turn so we haven’t collected many just yet. hopefully with all the rain we are getting, we some color begin to emerge. happy autumn!!

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